The weather has been rough!

Email - February 17, 2014

Holy cow! PG wrestling is so good! That is sweet that they 4-peated! Congrats! 

And congrats to Tanner and Peyton as well!! That is so cool for them!!! LOVE YOU GUYS! [Tanner was accepted to all three US Military Academies' summer seminars, and Peyton was asked to represent the USA at The Junior Blackpool Dance Festival, an international ballroom competition in Blackpool, England.]

This last week was alright. The weather has been rough! It makes contacting a lot harder! Who wants to talk to us in the freezing windy rain?

Oh well! Our main focus right now is getting less actives to come back to church! We have been pretty successful with it lately and hopefully we can get a lot of families fully reactivated! 

It has been a lot of fun serving with Elder Mecham!! 

The work just continues to get harder and harder though! At least it is what it seems like! I miss home, friends, family more and more! 

It is pretty stressful being the elders quorum president. and I am trying to stay on top of those responsibilities as well as the full time missionary responsibilities! I know I'll get the hang of it the longer I continue to work hard. I have been feeling better though! So that has been nice.  :)

Every day, every hour as a missionary is a spiritual experience.. so it's really hard to just pick one from a week.. but I will try to be better.

I got a package from Sam and from Sarah.. little Valentines things. I love my friends and the support I have! I am so blessed and I know it!  

I cant believe that it was a year ago that I got my mission call! How amazing was last year when all the students were getting calls...all my friends and classmates! That was an amazing time! It is great to see kids like Brayden setting the example now this year! I can't wait to see where everyone goes! I hope someone I know comes here! 

This work is truly amazing and I know that I am doing the right thing. It just has been rough. But it's ok!  

We weren't able to see V____ this last week, which was frustrating, but we are still in contact so that is good at least!

Elder Mecham and I get called brothers or twins very often! It's so funny. 

The computers are being stupid today!!! They are not letting me send pictures! I don't know why. I have a lot. I will try to figure it out though! 

We have a lot of good things planned for this week! I hope that we will be able to find some new people to teach! We need a lot of good new members in this area! The ward is small. but with the new building we have seen an up in our sacrament meeting attendance which is very nice! So we have good motivation. It's good to see the chapel be nearly full! 

Oh, and the other Elders that were at Sister Welch's house were missionaries that live in her area! She is in the Mitcham ward but lives out of the boundaries, so she invites them to come around as well! She is the best!

I love you all! I am so thankful for everything! All the prayers and the love that I feel! Thank you thank you thank you! 

Love, Elder Munson


"Raining so hard!"

"Helped Nikita build a cot for her baby which will be coming soon! 
She is a YSA member in our ward!"

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