Good-bye, Mitcham. Hello, Reading!

Email - August 26, 2014

WOW! Sooo, such a crazy day and week! We helped the Sisters in Mitcham move flats like all week! And, then on Friday night, President called me and let me know that I'm going to be a Zone Leader in Reading and that I need to move on Monday! So, everything got switched around and now Elder Popa and I have been driving people around all day - it's just been nuts! BUT, I AM SO HAPPY TO BE SERVING WITH HIM"!!!!!! Tooo happy. It will be so fun! But, honestly, I don't have much time! We have to get things ready to drive all day tomorrow! WE ARE GOING TO SOUTHAMPTON TOMORROW! Just to pick up another missionary! It will be so cool! haha I'm excited!

I love you guys! This work is amazing! I hope you have a great week! Thanks for everything!

-Elder Munson

Oh, and my new address!!

74 Quadrant Court
Jubilee Square
Reading, RG1 2GU

Things have just been pushing along!

Email - August 18, 2014

HELLO! Ok.. well, this last week was pretty good. But, to answer your question, Mum, the weather has been SUPER RAINY...only this week though. I have got to use my short sleeve shirts quite a bit! just not this week really. haha It seems that summer its nearing it's end here in England!

Sounds like you all had an eventful week! Back packing trips and dance competitions! Living the life for the final week of summer I see! I can't believe school starts! And, we all know how fast the school years go! It'll be time for me to come home at the end of it! CRAZY! 

Moves calls will come this Saturday! I can't even believe that! Elder Heninger's training is nearly done! WHAT THE HECK?! I have been emailing Elder Popa today. He says that he thinks that I will be going there to Reading with him to be a Zone Leader! Which I would love cause it's Elder Popa, but would also be scary cause ZL's have a lot to do!! haha But, we will see what happens! I WOULD LOVE TO SERVE WITH THE LEGENDARY POPA.

On Tuesday, this last week I went on exchange with Elder Alejandre, one of our Zone Leaders. And, I went to Peckham which is their area. He is from Spain and the whole day we were just visiting people that he baptized in the past or whatever cause he finishes his mission next week! So, it was a pretty fun day! Besides that all his recent converts were Latino basically and attend the Spanish branch, so it was a full day of understanding maybe half of every appointment! hahahaah Spanish speakers ALL day! It was a good experience though!

Things have just been pushing along! It's been really hard on me knowing for such a long time that I am leaving! It's like, uh what the heck? I'm not even going to be here any more in like 9 or 10 days, but I'm doing my best to work hard and help the area as much as I can before I move! 

Today, Matt, our Jehovah's Witness friend is taking us to do some fun things in central London! He is the man! It should be a fun day except the clouds aren't looking too promising at the moment! 

Yesterday, we were trying to hurry home in the evening to get back to the flat so I could account with the district, and we were on a bus...the 127...and we needed to get a 280 to get us back home...and, they cross paths for like 3 stops. So we saw that there was a 280 in front of us. It was just a matter if the 127 could catch up to it before we got to one of the stops! so we get to the first one and Elder Heninger like started to hurry to get off to be able to run and jump on the 280 before it took off. But, I was like saying, "We won't make it! We won't make it!" But, I guess he didn't hear me and he jumps off and starts running the 280 down as it's taking off and the driver doesn't stop for him! HAHAHA So, I just sat back and watched the whole thing happen. So, he had to run back and hop on the 127 that we were originally on and the bus driver wasn't happy. Then, at the next stop, the 127 had caught up and was plenty close. So, we virtually just walked off and walked on to the 280. haha It was sooo funny to just watch Elder Heninger scramble around for a little bit though! hahahha We were laughing about it for the rest of the night! 

Anyway! This will be an interesting week! I'll just probably go around to everyone and say bye and tell them thanks for everything! I've loved my time here! NEXT WEEK WE'LL FIND OUT WHERE MY NEXT AREA WILL BE! :)

Thank you all for everything! Honestly! 

I love you and miss you! Have a great week!

Love from London,
Elder Munson

"Ellion asked for a blessing whilst he was in the hospital this last week.
He was released and doing great now. :)"

"The District + Zone Leaders."

 "Eatin' that hard boiled egg for breakfast on our way to church. ;)" 


On the edge of my seat...

Email - August 11, 2014

Hello! Wow, don't the weeks just fly by!? They do for me at least. 

This was a really good week! We had President interviews on Tuesday which are always good! I got some info out of President that basically it's a sure thing that I am moving in a couple weeks! Plus, the Zone Leaders told me that I am basically good as gone. So, I'm just on the edge of my seat now wondering where I will be going and who my next companion will be! CRAZY! But, definitely I feel like it is time to move on! That doesn't mean I wont miss Mitcham though, CAUSE I WILL FOR SURE!

We had a really good district meeting on Wednesday! And, the day after I went on exchange with Elder White! It was pretty good. We tried a lot of funny different ways of contacting! Elder White tried this one thing where he placed a Book of Mormon just out in the middle of the walkway on like a railing, and as people would look at it when they walked by he would approach them and tell them that the book they just passed by will change their life, or he would ask if they have ever seen that book before. haha It was pretty funny some of the reactions we got.

Elder Heninger and I have been having a lot of fun! We had a pretty funny weekly planning on Friday, and we are just used to each other now so it's been really enjoyable serving with him. 

Yesterday at church John walked in and had a tithing slip and was asking us how to fill it out and everything! Ah, it was so amazing! He is the most solid convert I have ever seen. 

On Saturday, we met with two of our investigators, R____ and Y____. They are two teenage girls who are way cool. We set a baptismal date with them for September 13th which was great! I'm really happy and excited about them! 

It's weird to think about leaving. It doesn't really distract me. It's just weird thinking that the people I meet or whatever I won't be teaching them for much longer! 

Oh, and we found out that our mission will be instituting iPads and such around October or November. I received a letter from Grandma and Grandpa offering to pay for that for me! THAT WAS SOOO NICE OF THEM. Ah, I'm so lucky to have the best grandparents in the world. The whole mission is pretty excited to receive them. It will really help the work here, I think. Everything will be much more organized and the iPads will be a great teaching tool.

I taught the Elders Quorum lesson yesterday on Eternal Marriage! hahaha THAT WAS AWKWARD! good thing there was a lot of participation from the group from those that are actually married! hahahaa It went well anyway and I learned a lot from it! My 2nd counselor was supposed to teach the lesson, but he didn't show up! Nor did he tell me he wasn't going to show up! haha Oh well! It was good.  

This Gospel is amazing!!! I am so lucky to have the chance I have to be out here spreading it! The last couple weeks have been so great. Daniel Sintim has blessed the Sacrament the last two Sundays, his first time ever doing that! And, he has a talk next Sunday in church! SO I'M JUST FREAKING HAPPY and proud of him!

I miss you all! and thank you all SOO much for all the love and support! It's the best! LOVE YOU!

Love, Elder Skyler Munson

"Nice Japanese girls I met on the street. I happened to have a card that
Riley Ottesen sent to me in the mail a while ago. So, I gave it to them and
they are going to contact him when they go back home next month. :)"

"The BYU students last Sunday was yesterday!"

"I still have that weird addiction of watching the washer...remember when I
would do this for days, Mum?"

"Haha, locking Sister Xayalath in!"

 "Elder Heninger during weekly planning! The creep! Haha!"

 "We eat grilled cheese so much!"

I miss you loads!

Email - August 4, 2014

Ok that video of Johnny is the funniest thing I have seen in a long time! hahah That was the best! Thank you for sharing that! 

I can't believe it is August already! But J____'s baptism went really really well! It was a great day! President Millar even came to it, so that was awesome to have his support!

After the baptism, we were invited to a BBQ by our good friend Matt! I don't know if i have told you guys anything about Matt yet, but he is the man. He is a young newlywed guy...his wife is named Rosie and they are like the nicest coolest people ever. The way we met them is because they are Jehovah's Witnesses! and they were handing out their magazines at Morden underground station and we were talking to Matt, and we exchanged numbers...and that led to us and Matt meeting up EVERY week and just discussing doctrines and such! This last Thursday Matt gave a talk in their Kingdom Hall (their chapel). Elder Heninger and I went to support him and hear him. He did really well! But yeah, so Matt is just our good friend! And, we introduced the sisters to them and now they are good friends with Rosie! So, it's pretty cool! 

Dad, your email was spot on! Tomorrow, we have interviews with President, so I will be able to discuss things with him! They only happen once every three months, so it was good timing! 

The work has been hard! But, great as always! We have another investigator named S____ who has been coming to church, but due to work schedules, we have been unable to see him during the week! But, things are going well with him! If he continues to come to church like he has been the last few weeks, things will be good! 

Elder Heninger and I have been having SO much fun lately! It hasn't been affecting our work in a negative way at all! Things have just been so funny lately and we don't know why. We are always laughing which is really good! hahah We started a quote book that is hilarious that we just write down all of our really dumb random things that we say..

And, Mum, no I haven't booked a driving test yet! I need to talk to President about it tomorrow to see if I need to take the test before the end of this moves or if I can do it after if i get moved! We just have to see cause the test has to be booked like a month or so in advance! haha

I can't even believe how blessed I am to be here doing what I am doing right now! It's such a great experience and I have been learning so much day by day! 

Yesterday was a great Fast Sunday! The Spirit was really strong in our Sacrament Meeting. Elder Heninger and I both bore our testimonies, as did the sisters!  It was amazing to hear Sister Xayalath bare hers as well! Her English has come such a long way - it's amazing! 

I hope you have a great week everyone! THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING! I miss you loads! 

Love, Elder Munson

"The baptism of John!"

"This is Matt.  He is the coolest!"

"The BBQ."

"My stress ball that grandma and grandpa got for me for Christmas popped. :("