Things have just been pushing along!

Email - August 18, 2014

HELLO! Ok.. well, this last week was pretty good. But, to answer your question, Mum, the weather has been SUPER RAINY...only this week though. I have got to use my short sleeve shirts quite a bit! just not this week really. haha It seems that summer its nearing it's end here in England!

Sounds like you all had an eventful week! Back packing trips and dance competitions! Living the life for the final week of summer I see! I can't believe school starts! And, we all know how fast the school years go! It'll be time for me to come home at the end of it! CRAZY! 

Moves calls will come this Saturday! I can't even believe that! Elder Heninger's training is nearly done! WHAT THE HECK?! I have been emailing Elder Popa today. He says that he thinks that I will be going there to Reading with him to be a Zone Leader! Which I would love cause it's Elder Popa, but would also be scary cause ZL's have a lot to do!! haha But, we will see what happens! I WOULD LOVE TO SERVE WITH THE LEGENDARY POPA.

On Tuesday, this last week I went on exchange with Elder Alejandre, one of our Zone Leaders. And, I went to Peckham which is their area. He is from Spain and the whole day we were just visiting people that he baptized in the past or whatever cause he finishes his mission next week! So, it was a pretty fun day! Besides that all his recent converts were Latino basically and attend the Spanish branch, so it was a full day of understanding maybe half of every appointment! hahahaah Spanish speakers ALL day! It was a good experience though!

Things have just been pushing along! It's been really hard on me knowing for such a long time that I am leaving! It's like, uh what the heck? I'm not even going to be here any more in like 9 or 10 days, but I'm doing my best to work hard and help the area as much as I can before I move! 

Today, Matt, our Jehovah's Witness friend is taking us to do some fun things in central London! He is the man! It should be a fun day except the clouds aren't looking too promising at the moment! 

Yesterday, we were trying to hurry home in the evening to get back to the flat so I could account with the district, and we were on a bus...the 127...and we needed to get a 280 to get us back home...and, they cross paths for like 3 stops. So we saw that there was a 280 in front of us. It was just a matter if the 127 could catch up to it before we got to one of the stops! so we get to the first one and Elder Heninger like started to hurry to get off to be able to run and jump on the 280 before it took off. But, I was like saying, "We won't make it! We won't make it!" But, I guess he didn't hear me and he jumps off and starts running the 280 down as it's taking off and the driver doesn't stop for him! HAHAHA So, I just sat back and watched the whole thing happen. So, he had to run back and hop on the 127 that we were originally on and the bus driver wasn't happy. Then, at the next stop, the 127 had caught up and was plenty close. So, we virtually just walked off and walked on to the 280. haha It was sooo funny to just watch Elder Heninger scramble around for a little bit though! hahahha We were laughing about it for the rest of the night! 

Anyway! This will be an interesting week! I'll just probably go around to everyone and say bye and tell them thanks for everything! I've loved my time here! NEXT WEEK WE'LL FIND OUT WHERE MY NEXT AREA WILL BE! :)

Thank you all for everything! Honestly! 

I love you and miss you! Have a great week!

Love from London,
Elder Munson

"Ellion asked for a blessing whilst he was in the hospital this last week.
He was released and doing great now. :)"

"The District + Zone Leaders."

 "Eatin' that hard boiled egg for breakfast on our way to church. ;)" 


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