The weather here is getting better I think.

Email - February 10, 2014

This last week was SOO SWEETTTT! Elder Mecham and I are having so much fun and getting some good work done! I don't think about home or miss friends and home nearly as much cause I feel like I'm just spending everyday with one of my friends from back home! We have so much fun! Everyone told us at church that we looked like twins and people we meet or talk to on the street always think we are brothers! It's so funny.

But, yes the new chapel is closer for everyone!!! It was an existing building and they remodeled the WHOLE inside to make it look like a proper chapel! It's so nice! And, there are only like four or five active elders in the ward! Well maybe 7, but three have callings that they aren't in Elders Quorum. I get to choose the counselors, but I just got set apart yesterday so they will be called next week. I think it will be really good! but a lot of work!

So, the work has been going good. V____ has a pretty solid baptismal date for March 8th. We are excited! We just had a baptizm in the ward on Saturday! The sisters in our ward are very good missionaries! So, it is good to have them here.

Things are just going really well. We have a lot of work to do though!! We are hoping we will be able to stay companions for at least two transfers! maybe more if we work really hard and get a lot done!!!

The weather here is getting better I think. I hope at least. I have been sick all week.. my throat just kills and its so hard to wake up with a stuffy nose and a sore throat. I just want to sleep so much! hahaahah. 

I got a Valentines package from Sam this week and a card from Grandma and Grandpa! Ah! so nice of them! I feel so loved and I have the best friends and family around! That is for sure!! 

There is a less active family that we have been working really closely with and they are growing so much!! They came to church yesterday and they invited us over for Family Home Evening tonight!! So, it would be great to get them fully active again because they are a great family. Sister N____ has raised both her daughters on her own!! Such a great lady!

It was such a fast short week with transfers and such! So, I'm not sure if there is much else! I hope everything is going great back home! Thank you for the letters and the $ too:) you guys are the best! 

Oh, and also Sister Polidario wanted to know where she could get that simplified hymn book? I told her you had sent me one and she has been trying to track one down as well. She is one of the sister missionaries in our ward.  She's amazing. 

But anyway! I love this work! And, sharing the Gospel with a friend is soooo fun! Sometimes hard to focus...but it's the best! 

I love the Gospel!!!

Love, Elder Munson
"Elder Bodhaine leaving.  :( "

"New chapel"

"We're chefs!"

"Elder Mecham said you'd like this one cause, "I look like I could be Mamma
Munson's son!" hahaha"

Hopefully, Spring will come fast!

Email - February 5, 2014

So we are at the Wandsworth chapel right now! There are like 5 of us hanging around here today waiting to go pick up our new companions sometime this evening! I'm so excited to serve with Elder Mecham! We are going to have a ton of fun and get so much done! 

So V____, he talked to us and wants to get baptized on March 8th now because that is his birthday! He wants it to be then so it can be special to him! What a stud! So, we are looking forward to that at the start of next month! 

Also, with the new chapel opening this Sunday, we are hoping it will attract and bring in lots of less active members and investigators that said that Wandsworth was just too hard to get to for church! I know all the active members are SO excited about it, so we told them, well if you are so excited about it then you should just invite all your friends to come see it right?! hahah  Hopefully some will! 

Things are going really well! The more I think about being the Elders Quorum President, the more I realize that I don't know what the heck I am doing! hahaha but it will all be ok! 

The weather SUCKS! It is so cold and rainy lately and I woke up this morning with a sore throat! So, I think I'm getting a cold.. but oh well! Hopefully, Spring will come fast! 

That is so crazy that BYU is only signing 3 in state kids?! What the!? But signing day is  a cool time! So I'm excited to hear where lots of the players that I know are going!

I definitely will be saying a prayer for the Revill's. 

Thank you for everything! You guys are the best and I love you so much! I hope all is well! 

Love, Elder Munson

What the heck?!!?

Email - February 3, 2014

WOOOOOOHOOOO! GO SEATTLE! That is too sick! Wow.

Yes, transfers are this week. They are this week cause we have to stick with the transfer schedule that the MTC has. So it's going on like we transferred on Christmas. I will be staying in Mitcham and you'll never believe who my new companion is...ELDER MECHAM!!!!! Oh my days! I am so pumped! How in the world!?! This will be the best time of my mission no doubt!!! Holy! I'M SO EXCITED!!!

I found that out on Saturday! And, Elder Bodhaine is moving to GURNSEY!! ahahahaha which is an island on the coast of France!! hahah exiled! He is excited though!!

Oh, also, the Stake President talked to me yesterday and President Millar advised him to use me in the ward as Elders Quorum President...soooo that's what I am! I got called yesterday and I'll be set apart next week when we go to the brand new building in Mitcham! hahah so excited! But, Elders Quorum President!?!? What the heck?!!? ahahha I'm probably going to be in this area for ages then. :) I'm so excited though! Things are going amazing!!!

The weather has been so freaking cold and rainy! Until today. All of a sudden sun? What the heck:?! haha I'm not complaining about it though!!

I am really really looking forward to staying in this area for longer and getting some work done with Elder Mecham!! 

Time is flying out here. I can't believe that it is February already! This Friday marks one year since Sydney's passing. Gall. I've been thinking about that a lot lately. And how grateful I am to know the Plan of Salvation! Wow. Such a great plan! We are so blessed as members of the Church!! and the knowledge that we have!! 

I really don't know what else to say!!! Things are just going so well! and I couldnt be happier to be serving the Lord at this time! I'll have more time on Wednesday hopefully to email more!! :)

I miss and love you all so much!!

Love, Elder Munson

"IV Rox"

This work is amazing init?

Email - January 27, 2014

Ok as always...questions first!!

My contacts are holding out well! I only really wear them when we play sports on P-day or something like that! I'll let you know when I am in need though! hahah

And, no I have not had to play because one of the BYU students that is here plays [piano]!! But, thank  you so much for the books!!! They came this week! and I am trying to practice as much as I can so I can play when I am needed! I can still read music really well surprisingly! 

And nooo! there is nothing that I need right now! Thank you though!! Things are going well!!

We had a good week! We have a new investigator named A____! He is the man! He is the boyfriend of a less active member! and we started teaching him on Saturday and he came to church yesterday! The members have been doing well with missionary work lately! Your prayers have been answered mum! It has been great!!

V____, our investigator from Sri Lanka is preparing to be baptized on the 15 of Feb! Hopefully, things will work out well!!! 

We have also been doing a lot of less active work lately! And, it has been good! We had like 4 less active members come to church yesterday! 

On February 9th, the Mitcham Ward Chapel will be open!!! Finally! this ward will have their own chapel and we won't have to travel to the Stake Centre in Wandsworth every Sunday! I can't wait! I better still be here to see it! That will be the Sunday after transfers! 

Last night, Elder Cangas and I made the Lehi Roller Mills brownies that Grandma sent me for Christmas! They are so good!! Ah, I had them for breakfast this morning too!! hahahhahahaah :) healthy. 

I cant believe I have another Cousin and I'm not there to see her! I can't wait to see Khloe! She is beautiful!!!

Woah, I didn't even realize it was seven months ago that I went in the MTC. Hahaha I usually know the day and keep track, but not this month I guess! haha That is just crazy! Time is flying! But, there is too much to do here!!! Gahhh!

Today we are going to play sports at the Stake Centre as a zone. It'll be fun! I miss sports so much. galllllllll! 

A couple of days ago I went on exchange with Elder Bailey! It went well! He loves Supernatural! So, we basically talked about that for 24 hours! Hahahah, apart from when we were teaching some true doctrine! :)

Anyway! I miss and love you all! Thank you for all the prayers and thoughts! I can feel them and see them in the work! This work is amazing init?

I hope all is well! and that Seattle can pull out a big W this sunday!! 

D&C 76:22 is such a sick scripture!

Love, Elder Munson

Cute, cute, cute members from his ward!

"Some group pics I never from Big Ben and one from playing
rugby on a p-day."

I love missionary work!

Letter - January 20, 2014

Dear Family!

  Holy!  It has taken me DAYS to write!  I am so sorry!  I honestly am going to try to do better!

  Mitcham is great!  I have been loving the ward so far!  It is quite a small ward...but, it's AMAZING!  I get fed here more often than Catford.  So, that's good!

  Elder Cangas loves basketball and animae...oh, how he loves animae!  He talks about it all the time, and I just have no idea what he is on about!  He has a girlfriend back home named Lauren.  I don't know if she likes animae.  He told me that once he spent five hours a day for a whole summer watching animae!

  Our district consists of Mitcham Ward (us, plus Sister Polidario from the Philippines and Sister Yoshumara from Japan) and the Crystal Palace Ward (which has Elder Bailey from Your, England and Elder Wright from Canada).  It's a good district.  We also have a senior couple from the Crystal Palace Ward.  The Fowler's are amazing.  Elder Fowler worked for the Church Education System and he used to teach seminary teachers how to teach!  So, anytime he opens his mouth it's mind blowing.  He teaches so well a four year old could understand the deepest of doctrines if it came from him!

  Time is moving right along here.  Next week is my seven month mark?  Oh, my days!  So crazy!

  Today is P-Day obviously.  We are going to have a Zone P-Day.  We're going to the famous Greenwich Royal Park where they have a museum set up right on the Meridian or something!  It should be good I guess.  Greenwich is in my last area so it'll be just like going home!  :)

  This last week I learned how to complete a Rubiks cube, so that's exciting!

  I love missionary work!  It's so freaking hard sometimes though.  But, I love being here doing what I'm doing!  It's a blessing!

  I love you!  I miss you!

Elder Munson

[I Love You in Thai]

How lucky are we to have the truth?

Email - January 20, 2014


Lets see... I'll start with the questions first!! We have a washer in the flat, but not dryer! We do laundry the same here as in America...throw it in the washer and let it do its thing then hang dry everything. The last two flats I was in had dryers, so that was nice. But I don't mind hang drying things here at all. It's what I did back home anyway, hahaha

Mitcham compared to Lewisham is.. uh its still London so it's busy, but I would say the Mitcham area is a little more spaced out. Transportation is great no matter where you are in London. And the people are the same. But, it is a little safer here I think. It seems the areas and houses here are nicer. I think there is more money here in the London borough of Merton, compared to the borough of Lewisham. 

And, no I don't think his [his companion, Elder Cangas] island was really affected by the storm. Luckily. His English is good.

This last week was good. I went on exchange with Elder Wright on Thursday!! and on Friday for lunch we got the BEST fish and chips I have had on my mission so far, it was amazing! Gall, I wish I could have fish and chips every day. It's expensive in London though. Southampton it was cheap cause it's a coastal city. I had a big ol' battered Haddock. It was so nice! 

Also on Tuesday we had a zone training! The zone leaders and AP's had presentations and I learned a lot from them! The leaders in this mission work really hard! It was good to get some tips from them!

I am getting the hang of this area quickly. The bus routes are the hardest to learn though!! But, in this area we get to use the Tube (subway) quite often. It gets us places super fast. 

I cant believe it has nearly been 7 months! Time is going by so quickly. 

Oh, and that is funny about what Mama Cox said on FB! What the heck is Brayden's email? He is going to get hit! I wrote him a love letter and he didn't even email me or write me back!! I thought what we had was special!!!!!!!

Haha anyway. This Gospel is so amazing! Every Sunday I am grateful for it...for it being the same no matter where you are in the world...the Gospel is consistent! How lucky are we to have the truth? It's so hard to see so many people turn us down when they just don't know that what we have for them is ETERNAL happiness. It seems that not many people really take religion seriously any more. And, I don't blame them...cause I sure didn't. It won't mean much to you until you put your own effort in and then all of a sudden it means the world to you. 

I hope you all had a great week!!!! and that you are not freezing!!! It has been very cold here lately!! Not as much rain as last week though which I guess is good!!

I love and miss you all! Thanks for everything!!! Oh and mum, thanks for the Ensign.. but I thought I should let you know that the mission has started providing Ensigns for every flat. Haha, just so you know. :) And thanks for the picture, Dad! You guys are the best!!

Love, Elder Munson
"Last P Day"

"Oh and I forgot to say that I can properly do a Rubiks cube now...I'm

" and chips!"

While on exchange with Elder Wright, they got "the BEST fish and chips!"