What the heck?!!?

Email - February 3, 2014

WOOOOOOHOOOO! GO SEATTLE! That is too sick! Wow.

Yes, transfers are this week. They are this week cause we have to stick with the transfer schedule that the MTC has. So it's going on like we transferred on Christmas. I will be staying in Mitcham and you'll never believe who my new companion is...ELDER MECHAM!!!!! Oh my days! I am so pumped! How in the world!?! This will be the best time of my mission no doubt!!! Holy! I'M SO EXCITED!!!

I found that out on Saturday! And, Elder Bodhaine is moving to GURNSEY!! ahahahaha which is an island on the coast of France!! hahah exiled! He is excited though!!

Oh, also, the Stake President talked to me yesterday and President Millar advised him to use me in the ward as Elders Quorum President...soooo that's what I am! I got called yesterday and I'll be set apart next week when we go to the brand new building in Mitcham! hahah so excited! But, Elders Quorum President!?!? What the heck?!!? ahahha I'm probably going to be in this area for ages then. :) I'm so excited though! Things are going amazing!!!

The weather has been so freaking cold and rainy! Until today. All of a sudden sun? What the heck:?! haha I'm not complaining about it though!!

I am really really looking forward to staying in this area for longer and getting some work done with Elder Mecham!! 

Time is flying out here. I can't believe that it is February already! This Friday marks one year since Sydney's passing. Gall. I've been thinking about that a lot lately. And how grateful I am to know the Plan of Salvation! Wow. Such a great plan! We are so blessed as members of the Church!! and the knowledge that we have!! 

I really don't know what else to say!!! Things are just going so well! and I couldnt be happier to be serving the Lord at this time! I'll have more time on Wednesday hopefully to email more!! :)

I miss and love you all so much!!

Love, Elder Munson

"IV Rox"

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