How lucky are we to have the truth?

Email - January 20, 2014


Lets see... I'll start with the questions first!! We have a washer in the flat, but not dryer! We do laundry the same here as in America...throw it in the washer and let it do its thing then hang dry everything. The last two flats I was in had dryers, so that was nice. But I don't mind hang drying things here at all. It's what I did back home anyway, hahaha

Mitcham compared to Lewisham is.. uh its still London so it's busy, but I would say the Mitcham area is a little more spaced out. Transportation is great no matter where you are in London. And the people are the same. But, it is a little safer here I think. It seems the areas and houses here are nicer. I think there is more money here in the London borough of Merton, compared to the borough of Lewisham. 

And, no I don't think his [his companion, Elder Cangas] island was really affected by the storm. Luckily. His English is good.

This last week was good. I went on exchange with Elder Wright on Thursday!! and on Friday for lunch we got the BEST fish and chips I have had on my mission so far, it was amazing! Gall, I wish I could have fish and chips every day. It's expensive in London though. Southampton it was cheap cause it's a coastal city. I had a big ol' battered Haddock. It was so nice! 

Also on Tuesday we had a zone training! The zone leaders and AP's had presentations and I learned a lot from them! The leaders in this mission work really hard! It was good to get some tips from them!

I am getting the hang of this area quickly. The bus routes are the hardest to learn though!! But, in this area we get to use the Tube (subway) quite often. It gets us places super fast. 

I cant believe it has nearly been 7 months! Time is going by so quickly. 

Oh, and that is funny about what Mama Cox said on FB! What the heck is Brayden's email? He is going to get hit! I wrote him a love letter and he didn't even email me or write me back!! I thought what we had was special!!!!!!!

Haha anyway. This Gospel is so amazing! Every Sunday I am grateful for it...for it being the same no matter where you are in the world...the Gospel is consistent! How lucky are we to have the truth? It's so hard to see so many people turn us down when they just don't know that what we have for them is ETERNAL happiness. It seems that not many people really take religion seriously any more. And, I don't blame them...cause I sure didn't. It won't mean much to you until you put your own effort in and then all of a sudden it means the world to you. 

I hope you all had a great week!!!! and that you are not freezing!!! It has been very cold here lately!! Not as much rain as last week though which I guess is good!!

I love and miss you all! Thanks for everything!!! Oh and mum, thanks for the Ensign.. but I thought I should let you know that the mission has started providing Ensigns for every flat. Haha, just so you know. :) And thanks for the picture, Dad! You guys are the best!!

Love, Elder Munson
"Last P Day"

"Oh and I forgot to say that I can properly do a Rubiks cube now...I'm

" and chips!"

While on exchange with Elder Wright, they got "the BEST fish and chips!"

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