WOW the weeks just fly by!

Email - September 22, 2014

WOW the weeks just fly by!

I am so happy that the Ogden Temple finally is up and running again. Just in time. I'm excited to have a temple near to where I will be living!

We had a good week here! Saturday we were able to go to the temple with our investigator, A____. He is from Sierra Leon and is getting baptized this up coming Saturday! Elder Popa and I have also been traveling a ways away every week so he can teach this Romanian guy, and he is also getting baptized on Saturday. So, it will be a crazy weekend for us!

Thursday night - Saturday morning I was on an exchange with on of the AP's, Elder Idso. He's a nice guy from Logan, Utah. It was a lot of fun! I was able to learn a lot from him.

Sister Finch, the sister that was in the hospital, was released! So, that is good! She is recovering well and hopefully will be able to continue on with her missionary service as she was able to before!

Elder Popa is nearing down to only 8 weeks! So crazy! He isn't getting too trunky...kinda, but mostly joking about things! haha It's pretty funny.

The test for my license is October 21st officially. We are trying to get it moved up, but it's not looking like that will be possible.

I really think and hope that I will be with Popa till his end! I don't see why I wouldn't! But, I guess we will see in like two weeks! We will know what is going on. :)

I'm so happy for Peyton that she got her blessing! Actually, that is pretty cool that we were all able to get it from the same Patriarch!

Thank you so much for the talks and the letters and the sports updates that I received this week! Always a highlight!

We have really been focusing on members lately and doing service for them and building up our relationship with the ward, and it has been really successful!! We have had opportunities to be able to serve many people, and they have talked to their friends and now we are going to be doing service for quite a few non members this week. So that will be awesome!

I gave a talk yesterday in Sacrament Meeting on trusting in the Spirit! I think it went well. I enjoy speaking.

I love this work and I love where I am! Things are going well! I love you and miss you all! Thank you for all that you do for me! I am so blessed!

Love, Elder Munson

Today was just nuts...

Email - September 15, 2014

Wow, ok so today was just nuts... 

We helped a member move for a couple of hours in the morning, then we have planned to visit each District for p day so today's day was Oxford, so we drove all the way up there! And, also there is a sister in the Zone who is in the hospital and facing possibly having an operation, so we were running things around for her, and we just have not been able to do anything today. I'm sorry this won't be the best email! 

There is a girl from our ward here named Kerry who is visiting the states this week and next week and she wants to meet you guys when she is in Utah, so I gave her your numbers and she is probably going to get a hold of you! haha

This week was good. Our investigator named N____ came on a teach with us to teach someone else! IT WAS INCREDIBLE! He was testifying how the Gospel helped him quit smoking and stuff cause our investigator that we were teaching has been having a problem with it! It was just so cool!

That is awesome that Tanner got his Eagle! WOOOHOO! 

Time is just flying by. I can't believe that it is Monday already...sure didn't feel like a Monday at all! Nuts! 

I hope you guys know how much I appreciate all of the letters and money and love and support! It's amazing! I need to get a letter in the mail soon cause I filled up another memory card so expect that sometime soon! 

Have a great week! I LOVE YOU ALL!

Love, Elder Munson!

"Elder Bógnar is in the Reading Zone. :) He is training a new missionary!"

"Went to the temple with their investigator cause he is Romanian!"

 "We have an investigator that works at Costco and he gave us a full pizza! :)"

"Sooo, the Hells Angels have a "gang house" just down the street from the sisters' flat. We saw them pull up on their bikes a few days ago! haha Sketch!"

"This is Kerry."

Lovely random email!

September 13, 2014

We met your lovely Elders today! We are serving in the Air Force here in England. Just thought I'd share a picture! They are great young men!

  -Tim & Ami

Wow, what a week!

Email - September 8, 2014

Wow, what a week! But, I'll answer your questions first! Yes Elder Popa is still trying to get in to BYU. He applied to Provo and Idaho! He is just waiting for the response. I think he'll at least get accepted to Idaho! And some thank you notes would be great Mum, thanks! And, I'm good on toothpaste and deodorant.. it's no problem:)

So, I can't believe we are already starting my third week of me being with Elder Popa in Reading! Time is flying. Honestly, we get up leave the flat at 10 am and usually don't come back till around 10 p.m...working hard as ever! The Lord is blessing us so much in our area to be able to have people to teach! We have 5 solid investigators! And, we had 6 people...all 5 of the solid investigators and 1 other, come to church yesterday! That was so stressful but so sick!

One of our investigators, P____, is awesome. We have been meeting with him EVERY day and he has come to church the last 2 Sundays. He loves us so much and is willing to listen! 

We also have an investigator named N____. He has a date to get baptized on the 25th of next month. We set a late day with him cause he [has some challenges with the Word of Wisdom] and so we thought we would give him time to be able to quit properly! But, he told us just earlier this week that he has been clean for nearly a month before I even got here, whilst he was meeting with Elder Popa and Grace, he stopped...which is amazing! They didn't even know he stopped completely! He is awesome!

It's been a weird adjustment being around British people again. Church is more organized, but the friendliness of Africans just can't be matched! haha And, African food can't be replaced either! But, the members here have been quite good at having us over and feeding us.

Tomorrow is our Zone training, so Elder Popa and I are in charge of training the whole Zone on the new vision for the transfer.  President Millar will be in attendance and will give a presentation. Due to mine and Elder Popa's schedule, we have yet to prepare our 40 minute presentation to the Zone, so that's what our day will consist of today. :)

I honestly love being here doing what I am doing. Time just keeps going faster and faster though! I don't know what to do! It's all coming to an end so fast it seems. I know I still have a lot of time and a lot of things I need to do here in England...but, the time is running low!!! 

Ah, with football season being in full swing, it makes me have such a desire to be working out in the morning! It's cool to think I'll be on the field (or sidelines at least) next season. Ahhh FOOTBALL SEASON IS THE BEST.  That's cool that you were able to see some old friends at the PG game.

Tell Grandma and Grandpa that I love them and miss them! I hope you all have a great week! And, thank you so much for all that you do for me and all the love and support I feel!

Love, Elder Skyler Munson

"DLC photo! These are all the District Leaders and Elder Popa and I in the
Reading Zone! Solid bunch!"
Far left: Elder Caruso from Italy. [Elder Popa] Green tie: Elder Tidwell from Kaysville. Middle: Elder McCappin from Australia. Red tie: Elder Cooper from California. And the one next to me with black hair: Elder Mossner from Switzerland!

"On exchange with Elder McCappin from Australia!"

"Like bosses!"


Email - September 1, 2014

HELLOOOO! Ah, things are so good! Honestly, like it's just great! There is so much to be done, but it keeps us busier and I couldn't be happier with where I am!

On Friday, we had MLC - Mission Leadership Council. All the Zone Leaders and Sister Trainer Leaders and the AP's and President met and had a really long meeting and training session and a good council together. We discussed how we can best help the work in this mission. We have had the highest baptizing month in 5 YEARS in this mission. It was amazing! But, we need to keep it going. Sooo..,we were, we decided to pray as a MLC, and every one of us kneeled down in the chapel and Elder Popa offered a prayer to our Heavenly Father asking to guide us in what we should do and plan for the mission, and we sat and talked and proposed ideas. It may seem pretty normal or something, but honestly, this was the most spiritual experience I have had in not just my mission but my life, apart from the temple. We are turning the mission into something that it hasn't ever been before. Everything is going to change starting this transfer of how ELSM works, and it will be amazing. This is what the Lord wanted for the mission. He told each and every one of us in this council. It's things that can only be described if you were there, but trust me, things will be awesome!

Elder Popa and I have taught so many quality lessons this week and have found two new investigators who came to church on Sunday. One is English, the other is from Greece. We also spent MANY MANY hours planning and preparing presentations and meetings. We have a training meeting for all the District Leaders in the zone tomorrow. There are 5 districts with 28 total missionaries in the Reading Zone, plus two senior, a lot to look after and take care of! But, it's amazing. The Woodley Ward is amazing! That is the ward that Elder Popa and I are in. They meet in the Reading building. Member missionary work is better here than it has been anywhere else. We had a member with us in nearly all of our lessons this week.

Elder Popa ends in November, so he has two more transfers left! Luckily! hahhah There is a lot to do as a ZL, accounting to the AP's, exchanges, training plans, and loads more I just can't even think of right now, but I love it. I'm learning a lot! 

We have a nice flat. it is a big complex of flats and has a gym and everything! SO I'M GETTING PROPER EXERCISE! It's awesome! Oxford is in our zone! So, I am excited to go on exchange there. ;)

Things are amazing! There really isn't much else to say! I'm happy, working hard, and learning a lot! I'm sorry this email my not be as detailed as you hoped. So much happened this week it's all just morphing into one memory and I don't even know what day things happened on besides MLC and church...haha

Thank you all for everything! I am so blessed! I hope you have a great week! 

-Elder Munson
"Ward BBQ in Mitcham."

"Me in front of the Southampton flat last week!!!"

"MLC... say hello to the Leaders of the England London South Mission."

"Elder Alejandre went home! :("

"Sister Stewart from my MTC group!"

The Bristol Zone Leaders stayed at our flat the night before MLC.
(Elder Kirk and Elder Davies) So, we worked out in the morning together obviously!

 "Zone Leaders from my MTC group.  So sick!"

"Picture after church yesterday. Simon is the one with the beard in the
middle. He is our ward mission leader and is so funny! The guy on the far
right is baptized three weeks ago! The girl with black
hair is our new investigator from Greece, and the other girl is a ward
member...good friends with Simon! Love this ward already!

"View from the Reading flat!"