Wow, what a week!

Email - September 8, 2014

Wow, what a week! But, I'll answer your questions first! Yes Elder Popa is still trying to get in to BYU. He applied to Provo and Idaho! He is just waiting for the response. I think he'll at least get accepted to Idaho! And some thank you notes would be great Mum, thanks! And, I'm good on toothpaste and deodorant.. it's no problem:)

So, I can't believe we are already starting my third week of me being with Elder Popa in Reading! Time is flying. Honestly, we get up leave the flat at 10 am and usually don't come back till around 10 p.m...working hard as ever! The Lord is blessing us so much in our area to be able to have people to teach! We have 5 solid investigators! And, we had 6 people...all 5 of the solid investigators and 1 other, come to church yesterday! That was so stressful but so sick!

One of our investigators, P____, is awesome. We have been meeting with him EVERY day and he has come to church the last 2 Sundays. He loves us so much and is willing to listen! 

We also have an investigator named N____. He has a date to get baptized on the 25th of next month. We set a late day with him cause he [has some challenges with the Word of Wisdom] and so we thought we would give him time to be able to quit properly! But, he told us just earlier this week that he has been clean for nearly a month before I even got here, whilst he was meeting with Elder Popa and Grace, he stopped...which is amazing! They didn't even know he stopped completely! He is awesome!

It's been a weird adjustment being around British people again. Church is more organized, but the friendliness of Africans just can't be matched! haha And, African food can't be replaced either! But, the members here have been quite good at having us over and feeding us.

Tomorrow is our Zone training, so Elder Popa and I are in charge of training the whole Zone on the new vision for the transfer.  President Millar will be in attendance and will give a presentation. Due to mine and Elder Popa's schedule, we have yet to prepare our 40 minute presentation to the Zone, so that's what our day will consist of today. :)

I honestly love being here doing what I am doing. Time just keeps going faster and faster though! I don't know what to do! It's all coming to an end so fast it seems. I know I still have a lot of time and a lot of things I need to do here in England...but, the time is running low!!! 

Ah, with football season being in full swing, it makes me have such a desire to be working out in the morning! It's cool to think I'll be on the field (or sidelines at least) next season. Ahhh FOOTBALL SEASON IS THE BEST.  That's cool that you were able to see some old friends at the PG game.

Tell Grandma and Grandpa that I love them and miss them! I hope you all have a great week! And, thank you so much for all that you do for me and all the love and support I feel!

Love, Elder Skyler Munson

"DLC photo! These are all the District Leaders and Elder Popa and I in the
Reading Zone! Solid bunch!"
Far left: Elder Caruso from Italy. [Elder Popa] Green tie: Elder Tidwell from Kaysville. Middle: Elder McCappin from Australia. Red tie: Elder Cooper from California. And the one next to me with black hair: Elder Mossner from Switzerland!

"On exchange with Elder McCappin from Australia!"

"Like bosses!"

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