WOW the weeks just fly by!

Email - September 22, 2014

WOW the weeks just fly by!

I am so happy that the Ogden Temple finally is up and running again. Just in time. I'm excited to have a temple near to where I will be living!

We had a good week here! Saturday we were able to go to the temple with our investigator, A____. He is from Sierra Leon and is getting baptized this up coming Saturday! Elder Popa and I have also been traveling a ways away every week so he can teach this Romanian guy, and he is also getting baptized on Saturday. So, it will be a crazy weekend for us!

Thursday night - Saturday morning I was on an exchange with on of the AP's, Elder Idso. He's a nice guy from Logan, Utah. It was a lot of fun! I was able to learn a lot from him.

Sister Finch, the sister that was in the hospital, was released! So, that is good! She is recovering well and hopefully will be able to continue on with her missionary service as she was able to before!

Elder Popa is nearing down to only 8 weeks! So crazy! He isn't getting too trunky...kinda, but mostly joking about things! haha It's pretty funny.

The test for my license is October 21st officially. We are trying to get it moved up, but it's not looking like that will be possible.

I really think and hope that I will be with Popa till his end! I don't see why I wouldn't! But, I guess we will see in like two weeks! We will know what is going on. :)

I'm so happy for Peyton that she got her blessing! Actually, that is pretty cool that we were all able to get it from the same Patriarch!

Thank you so much for the talks and the letters and the sports updates that I received this week! Always a highlight!

We have really been focusing on members lately and doing service for them and building up our relationship with the ward, and it has been really successful!! We have had opportunities to be able to serve many people, and they have talked to their friends and now we are going to be doing service for quite a few non members this week. So that will be awesome!

I gave a talk yesterday in Sacrament Meeting on trusting in the Spirit! I think it went well. I enjoy speaking.

I love this work and I love where I am! Things are going well! I love you and miss you all! Thank you for all that you do for me! I am so blessed!

Love, Elder Munson

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