I'm really happy!

Email - May 26, 2014

Wow.. I don't even know where to start. It seems like a lot has happened in the past week but really it's just been another week..

Last p-day we went to central London cause Elder Green hadn't been there yet. It's always fun to go there. Then, today we got to go to the temple and actually go in! Ah it's so amazing! It makes me miss being at home and just being able to go any day I wanted. Which got me thinking...Mum did you ever send those garments? I need some. If not it's ok. I can call the mission office here and have them sent to my flat.

Moves calls will be this Saturday...so crazy! I am almost positive I'll be staying in Mitcham longer. We had President's interviews on Tuesday and he told me that I would probably be sticking around longer! Yes, Dad, there have been some good strides in the Elders Quorum, but both I and President feel there is more to do. He also broke some other shocking news to me. He informed me that I need to get my UK drivers license, which is shocking cause only Zone Leaders have cars and I haven't been called as a District Leader in the field yet. So, I guess I have to prepare for that. The Church only pays for half of the process, so over the next little bit if I'm taking out any money it's for getting my drivers license! 

I'm super sad I couldn't be there for Jen's sealing...she BETTER be at mine! I hope Peyton is right...that would be cool. DEFINITELY NOT 10 YEARS, MUM! [Explanation:  Jen is a dear friend who was married on May 23rd.  I told him even though he was missing her wedding, she would be at his one day.  Peyton thinks he'll marry quickly after his mission.  I teased him that it would be in 10 years!  Ha ha!]

Things are good.... the work is hard and not much is happening at the moment. But, the ward members (including me) are growing so much! I'm really happy! Investigators are just not committed...and it's really frustrating but there has to be someone out there so we'll keep searching! :) 

Tell everyone that says to tell me hi that I say hello back! I miss you guys and I hope that all is well! Seems like you are all keeping busy! (Especially you Mum!) I got the letter with my line of authority in it! so thank you SOOOO much for that! I really appreciate it! 


Love, Elder Munson

"Went to the temple today! Since its a bank holiday, it was open until 12!
So, Brother Appleyard took us!
It was the best p-day of my mission."

"Ha ha.  I wore her glasses!"

"Tower Bridge!"

Weird but cool!?!?

Email - May 19, 2014

Yeah, I can't believe that this is like the last real week of school! What the heck? Hahahaha, it was this week last year that I wrecked my face at the BMX event.. haha good times. It doesn't seem like that long ago at all!!

That is a tough break for Lehi at the end of the season! Tanner had a great year though, I am sure!

Things here are going quite well!! The weather is HOT as ever though with this humidity! It's been soo HOT. But, I can't complain...the sun is a rarity here, so I am soaking it up as much as I can in a shirt and tie...haha.

Earlier this week, we were knocking some doors near a less active members home and one lady answered the door and was like ehh sorry I don't really believe in God, and we just kinda talked to her about why she didn't and what was going on in her life. I guess her Nan has just passed recently and she just wasn't sure about what to believe. She knows there is an after life but just wasn't sure about a God. So, we talked to her more and more, and the funeral for her nan is in a couple of weeks, and the longer we talked the more she seemed to think or believe that there is a God...? It was really weird.. and by the end of it she was complaining that they couldn't find a priest or someone from another church to bless the grave at the funeral...so, she asked if we could do it and we said yes! Sooo, I guess we will be blessing a grave at a funeral on May 27th. Pretty crazy! It was the weirdest but coolest experience I have ever had knocking! That was just super unexpected but we are excited as well.. she is definitely in a place to accept the gospel now! hahah

On Saturday, us and a few other missionaries in the Zone got to participate in a HUGE service project at a primary school in London. It was awesome! We got a lot done and the school was SOO thankful and it really made a good impression on a lot of people who are not members. I was really grateful to be able to help out in that! It was a good day.

Things here are going well! Missionary life as usual! I can't believe that the transfer is half way over!! Moves calls aren't this weekend...but next!! Ahh that is weird! I think I might even stay here one more transfer! But, we will see what happens!!

I hope all is well back in Utah! (and Texas)...and I hope you all  have a great week!! Thanks for all the love and support!


Love, Elder Munson

"Ice cream man passed us at just the right time!"

"Service project at a primary school a few days ago."

"Me and Elder Yu at Zone Conference last week!"

 "Zone P-day last week!"


Email - May 12, 2014

HI! I hope Mum had a great Mother's Day!! It was soo good to be able to talk to you all!!! It sounded like you are all doing well!! I cant believe that is 2/4 down already! This is all going so fast!

That poem is sooo funny!! haha I wish I could have been there!

So, this week you already heard about most of it! The temple with N____ was good on Saturday, and it was an honor to bless Nikita's baby at Church on Sunday! I was so nervous for it!!

So, Elder Green and I had such a cool experience earlier this week! I forgot to tell you about it on Skype! We started praying SPECIFICALLY for a family to join the ward that had youth aged children, cause we don't have many youth in the ward, and we would pray for that in EVERY prayer we said. The very next day we got a text from the office saying there was a less-active member that had moved into our ward boundaries and she has 5 kids!!!! AHH and two boys who are Young Mens aged! It was amazing! So, we visited them after the temple and she was sooo excited to see us and her kids were excited to come back to Church and they all came on Sunday! - except for the mum cause she was ill, but the kids came and made such a big difference to the Primary and the Youth! It was amazing!! GOD ANSWERS OUR PRAYERS! It was really cool!

Today is going to be a fun p-day! I can't wait to get out and play some sport with the zone! 

That is soo funny that Tanner tried the egg noodle sandwich! Glad he liked it:) haha It's the best! 

Mum, thank you soo much for all that you do! Honestly! I hope you had an amazing Mother's Day! Ah, you are the best! And, thank you for catching up on the blog!! 

I hope you all have a great week!! I miss you!! Good luck with the playoffs, Tanner!!! 

Oh, and things specific for my birthday? Um.. the only thing I can think of is a music book.. like a guitar book maybe? Like Jack Johnson (On and On or In Between Dreams) or Joshua Radin (Underwater) book? :) I don't know if they even make those. I have the guitar chords for hymns in the Simplified Hymn Book. I have been practicing those;). But yeah! That would be cool since I won't be with Elder Green forever to teach me these things! haha 


Love, Elder Munson
"Service for a member!"

"Me and Elder Popa on exchange."

"Temple trip with Nisha and Nikita and Tim!"

"Ah, the Temple!"

"Deco and Isabel came and visited me yesterday at the Mitcham Ward!"

This Gospel is so amazing!

Email - May 5, 2014

Well another week in the books! That is so crazy that Mum and Peyton were here just last week! I hope you guys had a great time! It sounds like you did!! Thank you sooooo much for all of the stuff! The football the gloves the food! It's all amazing! Thank you!!!

Things here are going well!!! The guitar is coming along nicely I think. haha

Yesterday was Stake Conference, my 2nd one here. Deco from the Catford Ward asked me to ordain him to be an Elder!! IT WAS AMAZING!"!! Wow. I had the chance to do that yesterday afternoon. But, it made me think I really want my Preisthood line of authority! I don't know how to get that but can I get that sometime?!!??!?? That would be amazing! 

I think we are going to Skype at the earlier time! Is that ok? So, plan around 8 in the morning:)

Elder Popa says thank you soooo much! I gave him the book earlier this week!

I'm soooo glad that you got to see the Sintim's as well as the Welch's! I love them both! Sister Sintim makes us SO much food! African plates of food are soooo big! You should have seen the bowl of Fufu that she fed us yesterday! Daniel and Brigette have become way good friends and I am so stoked that they are coming to visit us as well!!

Dad, I am looking forward to the draft updates and the NBA playoffs! GO CLIPPERS!!

Elder Green and I are doing well! We work well together.

This Gospel is so amazing, Mum, you are right! I am learning more and more EVERY day! And, it has been a blast! Honestly! 

We have had a weird p-day! Things have been all over the place! But, it should be a good week! We have Zone Conference tomorrow which should be good! I'm also going on exchange with Elder Popa later this week! That should be really fun! I'll learn a lot from him!

I love you guys! I'm really excited to talk to you this weekend!! It will be soooooo awesome! Can't believe it is that time already!!!

Have a great week! 

Love, Elder Munson

"Right after I ordained Deco.  Such a great experience!"



It was a good week!

Email - April 28, 2014

Haha Utah weather! So crazy. Hopefully, Lehi can pull it together heading in to playoffs! "PLAYOFFS?!!? YOU WANNA TALK ABOUT PLAYOFFS? PLAYOFFS?!?!??!" Haha, that Jim Mora interview was the greatest of all time. Wait, it was Jim Mora, right?

Anyway! Things are going well here! It was a good week! A cute little girl from a part member family asked me to baptize her so that was amazing! She is so sweet! Soo basically that is the make up for an amazing week...haha one of the best I have had my whole mission.

I also had the chance to speak in Sacrament Meeting! It went really well, I think! I love speaking now...giving talks is the best. 

It's weird that Mum and Peyton are here... 

My new companion, Elder Green is the man. He is a really nice guy and really musically talented as well! We are going out to try to find me a cheap guitar today so he can teach me to play! He has one with him and he is really really good! So that will be fun! He's a really hard worker too! So it's good to be with someone who wants to get things done! He was a member of the BYU men's chorus back home! We are having a good time, and it will be a good companionship! 

We have Stake Conference coming up this week. It will be good I think. There are a lot of things the wards need to work on in London, so hopefully it will give people some good encouragement! 

So, I have been hearing rumors that Sawyer is home and was ill? Can someone tell me what is happening?! I haven't heard from him for like two weeks now!! I hope he is alright!! 

Anyway, sorry this is short! I love and miss you all! I hope all is well!!!!

Love, Elder Munson

"Kathrine is the cutest little 11 year old girl. She has Down Syndrome and is the sweetest spirit ever. She ask me to baptize her on Saturday! :)"

"Kathrine and her mum."

 "Saw Chris the other day. He used to come on teaches a lot
with me and Elder Bognar."


"A member in the ward owns a Thai restaurant and had us over at it this week.
It was SOOOOO good!"

Staying in Mitcham!

Email - April 21, 2014

Ah glad you guys made it!! Yes, I am staying in Mitcham. My new companion is Elder Green. He was in my MTC group. He is a nice guy. 

Yes, I did leave some stuff with Sister Welch! Sooo yeah:) thank you:) Also, we ate at the Sintim's yesterday, (they are my other favorite family) and they really wanted to meet you guys this weekend as well if you had time. But, of course they knew you would be busy, so yeah. :) Brigette and Daniel Sintim want to visit Utah next summer and are planning on staying with us. They are probably the closest friends I've made on my mission - like Deco status. haha.

Moves are tomorrow which is a change. We have a lot to do today still so this might not be so detailed!!! haha

I hope everyone had a great Easter weekend! I can't believe that it has came and gone so quickly. Just a few more weeks and it will be Mothers Day! I can't wait!

Mum, I hope you have been enjoying your time here so far! I'm sure you have!! Be safe!

And Dad, thanks for the articles! I love them, and how did that cool crash test go in Detroit? 

I got a couple of Easter packages from Grandparents and from Sam. :) Ah, I love all my friends and family sooo much! I'm so blessed! And, I'm so happy for Sam. North Carolina just became the luckiest state in the country! She will be amazing! 

I hope you are all well! Thank you for everything! I love you!

Love, Elder Munson

"Zone picture!"

"District picture + Zone Leaders."

"Waitin' for the bus."

Quick note - April 22, 2014

Thank you :) and yes, it would be ok to ask Sister Welch to put you in touch with them. They are awesome!! 

Thank you for getting that book for Elder Popa!! :) 

Elder Green is a nice guy! Excited to get to work, so that is good! 

I don't have much to say today besides that I got your Easter cards today! Sooo thank you soo much. :) I loved them! But, I do have a lot of pictures from moves today, so I'll start sending them off!! :)

I LOVE YOU GUYS!! Take care! Tear it up this week Peyton!! :)

Love, Elder Munson

"Me and the Bradford's."

 "Me and Elder Kirk.  My favorite!"

"My first zone leader, Elder Fingerle!! I haven't seen him since I left Southampton.
But, we email most weeks still! I love him!"

"Good ol' Elder Blumenthal!"
"This is one of the greatest pictures ever!"

"Elder Hanks.  Ah, he goes home in 6 weeks :(  -  I'm going to miss him."

"Waiting for the new missionaries to be introduced.
Selfie with Elder Sparks on the right there...haha!"

 "Catchin' frogs up in the club!"

Jesus' parables are the best!

Email - April 14, 2014

Ok, so I did think of one request - to maybe leave some space or bring an extra little bag or something to maybe take some things home with you that I wont need until I get home. That will just make packing around for me easier. I could just give them to sister Welch! and also. I want to request a FOOTBALL!! The only ones I can get over here are rubber ones that are like as much round as they are long, haha, and a pair of gloves? Like the cheapest Nike gloves you could find. They would be at Sports Authority and maybe like $15 or $20. THAT would be amazing. Cause if I ever have another comp like Elder Mecham that I know would throw to me on pdays that would be soo great to have. And when I went running in the morning I would run with the ball everywhere. haha

Anyway! That is awesome that mum ran into Mikun! And, Hailey is sooo funny! If you see her again tell her I say hello!! 

Dad that crash testing in Detroit sounds way cool!! I hope you guys had SUCH a good time in Lake Powell. I can't wait to go do that again when I get back! 

And about Tanner's prom date!!! Woahhh yeah I know Chad Allgaier :) he's a cool kid. I forgot he had a sister that age!

And, yes, I did have problems with my allergies but I brought allergy medicine with me sooo I've been alright! :)

Things here are going well!! THE WEATHER HAS BEEN SO NICE which is good. Need to get me some rays up in here! I do not know what is going on about transfers...buuut I will let you know as soon as I find out, probably will know Saturday night! So I guess not as soon as I know!! haha But close to it! 

Can you believe that graduation is next month for the seniors?! Holy cow! Time flies!! It's so crazy. Oh, and Jen's wedding as well!!! Gallllll. I wish I could be there for that sooo bad!!! 

Ahh ok, so I read the coooooolest parable this last week when I was studying! It is in Mark, Chapter 4. The parable of the sower. I think it's like verses 3-9 or something like that! But it is soo sick! Jesus' parables are the best things! I learn soo much from them.

Also, studying my notes for General Conference. It really seems like the world is getting a hold of a lot more people these days. We need to remember to hold fast to the Gospel first and then care about the worldly things. I've never been a fan of Elder Richard G. Scott's talks.. ;) but his talk was my absolute favorite from Conference! They were all good but that one really stuck out to me a lot! 

I love you and miss you all!! Mum and Peyton, travel safe and have fun. :)

Love, Elder Munson


Email - April 7, 2014

This was a great week! Last Monday, we had the chance to ride the London Eye! That was amazing!! Really cool. Then Thursday, I went on exchange with one of the Zone leaders, Elder Alejandre from Barcelona, Spain! He is a great missionary. I like him a lot. We worked really hard and found a new investigator! 

Also, I got a call on Friday from the sister missionaries in our ward. They have an investigator named George, and he has been investigating since Elder Cangas was here with me. We have been helping out to teach him cause he is a single male and such. But, basically they called and said that George wanted me to baptize him, so I was like WOAH, of course! It was such an honor! Seriously! It made me feel so good to help someone make that special covenant with God! It was a great weekend! 

We watched the Saturday morning session live Saturday evening here. Then Sunday morning, we watched the Priesthood session, then we watched the Saturday afternoon session, then had a break, and that's when George got baptized. Then, we watched the Sunday morning session live in the evening here. We'll probably watch the Sunday afternoon session online by ourselves sometime this week. :) 

I loved Elder Scott's talk from the Saturday afternoon session! It was so good, I thought. Also, President Uchtdorf's was really good talking about the points we can look to improve ourselves! It was great! I took like 5 pages of notes this conference, it was all so good!  

I can't believe that Mum and Peyton are coming this month!! Sooo weird! Just a couple more weeks! You will love it. 

Today, we are going to play sports at the chapel as a zone so that will be really fun! I can't wait! Haven't got to do that for quite a while. The weather has been a lot warmer, still cloudy and rainy but SO much warmer, so that is nice! 

I'm so happy and thankful for the blessing of General Conference! I love hearing from our Church leaders and the guidance that they give is the guidance that the LORD is giving to us. I know that!! The Gospel is just amazing and it has not ceased to amaze me time after time on my mission! It's great! 

I love you all and I'm so grateful for the love and support!! I hope everything is going well! Things are going very well here. :) 

Love, Elder Munson 

 "George Boakye (Bo-wah-chee) from Ghana. :)"

"On the London Eye.  It was so cool."

"There were some members in the pod next to us from California! 
They took this picture of us and sent it to us! So, that was nice!" 

April already!

Email - March 31, 2014

Woah! That's a crazy final 4! Wasn't UK and UCONN lower than 5 seeds? Good for them! Sorry to hear Michigan let you down though, Dad. ;)

This week has been alright. I really don't know what to say this week. Just been another week in the mission field. Not much happened. 

Today, we are going to ride the London Eye. The senior couple in our district is really nice and got us coupons for half priced tickets! So, that will be cool. :) 

I'm excited for Conference this weekend though! It should be really good! It will be a long long day Sunday, but I know that it will be so good to hear from the Lord's Apostles and get guidance from them. On Sunday, we will watch the Priesthood session, the Saturday afternoon session, and the Sunday morning session. On Saturday, we just watch the Saturday morning session. 

Sister Welch seems really excited to have Peyton and Mum coming here! That will be fun. Tim, Pauline's husband is one of my favorite people I have met on my mission...member, non member, missionary - it doesn't matter, Tim is in the top of that list! haha You guys will love them.

I seriously can not believe that tomorrow is the start of April already! It's been such a long crazy journey to get here and now it's just flying by once I'm here. Well, some days it's flying by, others it's brutal! But, overall, I can't believe I have been out longer than nine months now!! 

We have zone training tomorrow which will be really good. I always learn a lot from them, so I am looking forward to learning a lot tomorrow and start applying it all in the work!!

Elder Mecham and I taught a Gospel Principles class yesterday all about prayer. It went well. It helped me to realize how cool and crucial prayer is in our life! It's cool that we have a way to communicate with God. 

We have a few investigators who are hopefully going to start keeping some commitments! We got a referral from some other missionaries this last week. It's a guy who has told the other missionary that he wants to be baptized but he lives in the Mitcham Ward boundaries, so we are going to start teaching him! So, that should be really cool. Hopefully, he will be able to feel of the truthfulness of the message we will share with him this week and we can commit him to be baptized in a few weeks:)

Anyway, sorry this isn't much...really not much to say!! I guess happy English Mothers Day yesterday, Mum!! I love you!!

haha Oh, and no, I can't think of anything else from America that I really want at this moment, maybe something will pop in my head over the week!!!

Have a great April Fools Day tomorrow! I hope all is well!! Love you all!!

Love, Elder Munson  

"Madi White's older sister or twin or something!
Sister Welch's daughter, Caroline."

English Mothers Day flowers given out in the Mitcham Ward.

March Madness

Email - March 24, 2014

AHHHH! Ok seriously! There isn't a sporting even I miss more than March Madness. Super Bowl, I was fine. Bowl season, I was fine. But, March Madness...FREAKING KILLIN ME! It's the greatest two couple of weeks in all of sport!! Thank you so much for the bracket, Dad! I filled it out!!! I'll send you a picture of it!! 

Things are going well here! We had a few days of good weather this week and a few days of bad! But, over all it was a good week. We had a big focus this week of getting less actives to church and it payed off!! We had a lot of less actives in Sacrament Meeting this week. It was good. 

Anyway! Mum, that is CRAZY that you guys are coming here next month!!! Woah! That would be way cool if you met up with Sister Welch!! Oh, but by the way, this transfer is going to be a 5 week transfer!! So, we will get our next moves calls on April 21st. So, we will see what happens! But YES! Attend at the Catford Ward!! But to answer your questions...

1 - I really don't know anything that I really miss besides food.. like Costa Vida. Gatorade. Or, stuff like that...just the little things like that that I can't get here. Mike&Ikes? I really don't know. Fruity candy like Mike&Ikes, Trolli Eggs, is really all I can think of. I'm just used to the stuff here. I don't really need anything!
2 - A must see is probably the sights that I can't see, like Buckingham Palace and stuff like that. I thought Cutty Sark and the things around it in Greenwich were really cool. But, it's hard for me to say. I've seen so little of the famous places here. haha
3 - See Sister Welch! 
4 - ATTEND CATFORD!! haha fun place. 
5 - And.. no nothing else!! 

Things are going well!! With a little break in the weather, we had the chance to do some digging up in a member's garden and we also helped a less active family move some furniture out this week! That was good. 

I cant believe its 9 months already this week! Time is flying!! 

I was reading in Matthew this week.. and holy, Jesus' parables are freaking amazing! There are so many things I understand from them now that I just had no idea what it meant in the past! I'll leave it up to you guys to look into the parables or not, but I love them! The Pharisees get burned...

I love you and miss you all!! Thank you for everything!! I hope all is well!!!

Love, Elder Munson

"Nice little river we passed the other day."

Elders Quorum President

Email - March 17, 2014

OH MY DAYS!! Selection Sunday already!! PLEASE SEND ME A BRACKET!!! or two. I need to fill one out! I love March Madness!!! Good for BYU and Weber making it in though!! So sick!! 

And go Tanner!!! Keep up the sick work back in the box! And, congrats to Peyton!! THAT IS INCREDIBLE!!!

Things here are going well...suspenseful. We haven't had moves calls yet and we usually have them by this time on Mondays! So, we are trying to be patient and wait to see what happens! Both of us think we will stay though!  But, we had a good week weather wise! A lot of sun, so that's nice! My nose actually got kinda burnt this week, so I was happy about that! 

That is cool that Nate is working on the KPGR studio. That camo picture is a CLASSIC!! Kenzey Miles emailed me and said that I'm talked about a lot in Radio class, so at least I left my mark somewhere in the school! I love Russ. 

We FINALLY actually saw V____ this week! That was nuts. After three weeks of like not even talking to us we saw him and he acted like nothing even happened! haha It was so weird! But, hopefully, we'll continue to see him more often! 

Ah, sweet home teachers! Tell them that I say HI! I miss Brother Munoa loads! He is the man! He had a huge impact on me going through Young Mens, even though he wasn't ever one of my leaders, just him being there was sick.

THANK YOU GUYS SO MUCH! I got a couple of letters this week and money. You guys are the best! I finally wrote a letter back as well! So, hopefully that will get there soon. It has another memory card with it! 

We had Ward Conference yesterday. That went really really well!! We had like 5 less-active people come and the chapel was more full than ever! I also got the sustaining as Elders Quorum President. So, that was kinda weird/cool. I then had a meeting after church with a Stake High Council member to give me a little "training" on what I'm supposed to do as Elders Quorum President and such. So, that was a BIG help! I now sort of feel like I know what to do. haha! 

I've been studying the New Testament very intently for a few weeks now and HOLY FREAKING HECK, how sick is that book!? I have been loving every second of studying it! Nothing better than learning from the way and the words that our Savior taught! It makes my study something to really look forward to every morning!!! 

I wish I knew that plans of transfers and such! But, I just don't! I'll let you know though as soon as I know!! I hope you all had a great week!! I love you all!! 

Love, Elder Munson

"Elder Fredrickson and my MTC companion!! Elder Ganta!"

"Remember Elder Allen that we went to eat with at Los Hermanos?!!"

"Elder Bognar!!"

"Love the Kool-aid. :) Goes perfectly with my cold pizza for breakfast!"

I feel amazing!

Email - March 10, 2014

WOAH! WE HAD SUN THIS WEEK!! It was so nice all week! For real! Congrats to Tanner though!! That is sick!!!

And congrats to the PG basketball team! That is so sick for them! Good 'ol Ry guy leading them to the SHIP!! They really could have used the real 6th man for that game, I bet! That's cool that you guys got to see a few of my friends! I'm so proud of Sam! She will be such a good missionary!! Speaking of sister missionaries, yes mum, those books did come for her! Thank you so much!!! She was very grateful! Oh and I got your little package this week too with the tie and candy and the memory card!! Thank you so much. :) I ate up that candy so fast!! haha It was so good:)

I feel amazing! I'm a full time servant of the Lord and I get to study and learn doctrine everyday! It's been amazing!! I never ever though I could learn so much about the Gospel. So, how have I felt? Well, spiritually uplifted I guess? Yeah, it's hard, but it's amazing. The real question is how haven't I felt since being on a mission? I have felt every emotion in the book out here. haha!!! It's just crazy! But, things really are going so well!! Like I'm fine...obviously not well success wise, but I'm learning a lot and I have such good family and friends that have my back and support me! Sawyer is the man.. and we stay in very good contact and as well as Bailee Cook. She really is great! And the fam obviously. :)

V____ dropped off the face of the earth, but we did hear from him last week. Then, he didn't show up to our appointment. So, basically, contacting and trying to find new people to teach has been the name of the game for the last two weeks! Hopefully, all the hard work will pay off soon!!! 

Last night we had an appointment with a guy named T____. Basically, he is the most anti guy I have ever met! He is from Czech. He had a super strong accent and he was the rudest, most closed minded guy I have ever met in my life!!! haha He was destroying our religion!! But, Elder Mecham and I handled him well. Needless to say, it was just a huge debate and he just threw anti stuff in our faces all night. But, we set an appointment with him on Tuesday to be able to see him. He likes Elder Mecham and I, just not the church.

Despite all the crazy things that people say though, it just doesn't matter, the Church is true and why people target our Church so badly, I don't get it. But, oh well. This gospel is so amazing and I feel bad for people who can't open their eyes and soften their hearts to it! 

I hope all is well!!! Thank you for everything and all the support!!!  I LOVE YOU ALL!!

Have a great week!
Love, Elder Munson

P.S. Sorry I sucked at pictures this week. I didn't realize I didn't take any until I plugged the camera in just this morning, haha my bad!

Can you believe that it is March already?!

Email - March 3, 2014

The weather here this last week was MUCH better! We actually saw the sun 2 or 3 of the days! Alllll day Saturday was so nice! So that was the best! We taught loads of lessons that day and it was nice to be out! Plus we got to go to Sister Welch's house for dinner, so that's always the best! She cooks great meals. 

That is so scary about Peyton driving. One thing I have learned more of since being in London is that women should not be allowed behind the wheel. Hahaha at least here! London drivers are crazy anyway...but the women are just reckless! It's crazy! Oh my especially the women bus drivers! hahah it's so scary! The double deckers are so big and they treat them like a rally car! hahah It's hilarious! I swear the bus drivers here are 20 times better drivers than NASCAR drivers, it's incredible.

Congrats to Tanner for making the team. I wish I could be there to watch Lehi soccer when he is playing now!! 

You're right that the weeks do cruise by - for me as well!! The days can be slow, but then all of a sudden its Sunday night and it's like,... what the heck!? But, I guess it means we are working hard.

On Tuesday, we had a Zone Conference! It was really good! It was good to see the other missionaries there! Some I haven't seen since the MTC and some I just love to see every once in a while...like Elder Sparks! haha He is the man.

The work is going well. Elder Mecham and I taught more lessons this week than I have my entire mission! We found a few new investigators, but it is still just brutal getting people to come to church! It's just an hour on a Sunday morning to come to Sacrament Meeting! I don't get it! We invite everyone but NO one came on Sunday. Hopefully, we can start getting people there once we see them more often! 

Can you believe that it is March already?! I can't. This transfer is half way over as well!! Crazy. There's no way I have been with Elder Mecham for 3 weeks already! 

I really appreciate all of the support that I feel from friends and family! It seriously means the world to me! I am thankful for everyone! Especially you mum and dad! You are the best! 

This Gospel is so sick! I'm so thankful for you guys raising me in it! I love and miss you all!!! I hope you have a good week!!!

Love from London,
Elder Munson 

"Me and Elder Romney! Spencer's cousin! He goes home after this transfer."

"Elder Yu!"

"Sister Laineenkare, from my MTC district!"

"Nikita had her baby!! Zoe. She was 5 lb. 15 oz. Soooo tiny!"