March Madness

Email - March 24, 2014

AHHHH! Ok seriously! There isn't a sporting even I miss more than March Madness. Super Bowl, I was fine. Bowl season, I was fine. But, March Madness...FREAKING KILLIN ME! It's the greatest two couple of weeks in all of sport!! Thank you so much for the bracket, Dad! I filled it out!!! I'll send you a picture of it!! 

Things are going well here! We had a few days of good weather this week and a few days of bad! But, over all it was a good week. We had a big focus this week of getting less actives to church and it payed off!! We had a lot of less actives in Sacrament Meeting this week. It was good. 

Anyway! Mum, that is CRAZY that you guys are coming here next month!!! Woah! That would be way cool if you met up with Sister Welch!! Oh, but by the way, this transfer is going to be a 5 week transfer!! So, we will get our next moves calls on April 21st. So, we will see what happens! But YES! Attend at the Catford Ward!! But to answer your questions...

1 - I really don't know anything that I really miss besides food.. like Costa Vida. Gatorade. Or, stuff like that...just the little things like that that I can't get here. Mike&Ikes? I really don't know. Fruity candy like Mike&Ikes, Trolli Eggs, is really all I can think of. I'm just used to the stuff here. I don't really need anything!
2 - A must see is probably the sights that I can't see, like Buckingham Palace and stuff like that. I thought Cutty Sark and the things around it in Greenwich were really cool. But, it's hard for me to say. I've seen so little of the famous places here. haha
3 - See Sister Welch! 
4 - ATTEND CATFORD!! haha fun place. 
5 - And.. no nothing else!! 

Things are going well!! With a little break in the weather, we had the chance to do some digging up in a member's garden and we also helped a less active family move some furniture out this week! That was good. 

I cant believe its 9 months already this week! Time is flying!! 

I was reading in Matthew this week.. and holy, Jesus' parables are freaking amazing! There are so many things I understand from them now that I just had no idea what it meant in the past! I'll leave it up to you guys to look into the parables or not, but I love them! The Pharisees get burned...

I love you and miss you all!! Thank you for everything!! I hope all is well!!!

Love, Elder Munson

"Nice little river we passed the other day."

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