Jesus' parables are the best!

Email - April 14, 2014

Ok, so I did think of one request - to maybe leave some space or bring an extra little bag or something to maybe take some things home with you that I wont need until I get home. That will just make packing around for me easier. I could just give them to sister Welch! and also. I want to request a FOOTBALL!! The only ones I can get over here are rubber ones that are like as much round as they are long, haha, and a pair of gloves? Like the cheapest Nike gloves you could find. They would be at Sports Authority and maybe like $15 or $20. THAT would be amazing. Cause if I ever have another comp like Elder Mecham that I know would throw to me on pdays that would be soo great to have. And when I went running in the morning I would run with the ball everywhere. haha

Anyway! That is awesome that mum ran into Mikun! And, Hailey is sooo funny! If you see her again tell her I say hello!! 

Dad that crash testing in Detroit sounds way cool!! I hope you guys had SUCH a good time in Lake Powell. I can't wait to go do that again when I get back! 

And about Tanner's prom date!!! Woahhh yeah I know Chad Allgaier :) he's a cool kid. I forgot he had a sister that age!

And, yes, I did have problems with my allergies but I brought allergy medicine with me sooo I've been alright! :)

Things here are going well!! THE WEATHER HAS BEEN SO NICE which is good. Need to get me some rays up in here! I do not know what is going on about transfers...buuut I will let you know as soon as I find out, probably will know Saturday night! So I guess not as soon as I know!! haha But close to it! 

Can you believe that graduation is next month for the seniors?! Holy cow! Time flies!! It's so crazy. Oh, and Jen's wedding as well!!! Gallllll. I wish I could be there for that sooo bad!!! 

Ahh ok, so I read the coooooolest parable this last week when I was studying! It is in Mark, Chapter 4. The parable of the sower. I think it's like verses 3-9 or something like that! But it is soo sick! Jesus' parables are the best things! I learn soo much from them.

Also, studying my notes for General Conference. It really seems like the world is getting a hold of a lot more people these days. We need to remember to hold fast to the Gospel first and then care about the worldly things. I've never been a fan of Elder Richard G. Scott's talks.. ;) but his talk was my absolute favorite from Conference! They were all good but that one really stuck out to me a lot! 

I love you and miss you all!! Mum and Peyton, travel safe and have fun. :)

Love, Elder Munson

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