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Email - May 26, 2014

Wow.. I don't even know where to start. It seems like a lot has happened in the past week but really it's just been another week..

Last p-day we went to central London cause Elder Green hadn't been there yet. It's always fun to go there. Then, today we got to go to the temple and actually go in! Ah it's so amazing! It makes me miss being at home and just being able to go any day I wanted. Which got me thinking...Mum did you ever send those garments? I need some. If not it's ok. I can call the mission office here and have them sent to my flat.

Moves calls will be this Saturday...so crazy! I am almost positive I'll be staying in Mitcham longer. We had President's interviews on Tuesday and he told me that I would probably be sticking around longer! Yes, Dad, there have been some good strides in the Elders Quorum, but both I and President feel there is more to do. He also broke some other shocking news to me. He informed me that I need to get my UK drivers license, which is shocking cause only Zone Leaders have cars and I haven't been called as a District Leader in the field yet. So, I guess I have to prepare for that. The Church only pays for half of the process, so over the next little bit if I'm taking out any money it's for getting my drivers license! 

I'm super sad I couldn't be there for Jen's sealing...she BETTER be at mine! I hope Peyton is right...that would be cool. DEFINITELY NOT 10 YEARS, MUM! [Explanation:  Jen is a dear friend who was married on May 23rd.  I told him even though he was missing her wedding, she would be at his one day.  Peyton thinks he'll marry quickly after his mission.  I teased him that it would be in 10 years!  Ha ha!]

Things are good.... the work is hard and not much is happening at the moment. But, the ward members (including me) are growing so much! I'm really happy! Investigators are just not committed...and it's really frustrating but there has to be someone out there so we'll keep searching! :) 

Tell everyone that says to tell me hi that I say hello back! I miss you guys and I hope that all is well! Seems like you are all keeping busy! (Especially you Mum!) I got the letter with my line of authority in it! so thank you SOOOO much for that! I really appreciate it! 


Love, Elder Munson

"Went to the temple today! Since its a bank holiday, it was open until 12!
So, Brother Appleyard took us!
It was the best p-day of my mission."

"Ha ha.  I wore her glasses!"

"Tower Bridge!"

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