Wow, what a week!

Email - June 2, 2014

Hello! Wow, what a week! Things here are just crazy! Good, but crazy! Getting my drivers license is already trekin along.  I'm nervous to take my test in a few weeks, but it should be alright! Been quite a while since I've been behind the wheel!! hahaha 

Earlier this week, we were walking down the street and this car drives by and dumps water all over us out of their window! hahahaah It was sick. 

Then, on Saturday, President Millar called and gave me some unexpected news. It seems like you already kinda know.. but ill be Training a new guy and im also the district leader here now along with still being EQP,.,. so that will be sweet! haaha a lot to do that is for sure!

This will be pretty short, but I should be able to email on Wednesday and tell you about my son.  ;) 

Things are going well! It will be a crazy busy next two transfers but I'm so excited for them! I'm going to learn a ton! Elder Green has been a big help to me. He's been a good example. President and the Lord are putting a lot of trust in me! So, I just need to do my best to not screw it up! ;) hahah 

I love this work so much!! With study every day, I love how there is endless knowledge in the scriptures! seriously!! No matter how many times you read a chapter or somethingm you can always find new meanings at different points of your life! It's amazing! 

Oh, and me being 20 next week? What the freak? That seems so old! 

I'm so happy to be here at this time! I miss all of you guys and love you loads! Can you believe its June already? And, it's Tyler's birthday!!!!? Ah, let him know I say happy birthday through Twitter or something...he never checks his emails on time I don't think. ;) 

Love, Elder Munson

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