Weird but cool!?!?

Email - May 19, 2014

Yeah, I can't believe that this is like the last real week of school! What the heck? Hahahaha, it was this week last year that I wrecked my face at the BMX event.. haha good times. It doesn't seem like that long ago at all!!

That is a tough break for Lehi at the end of the season! Tanner had a great year though, I am sure!

Things here are going quite well!! The weather is HOT as ever though with this humidity! It's been soo HOT. But, I can't complain...the sun is a rarity here, so I am soaking it up as much as I can in a shirt and tie...haha.

Earlier this week, we were knocking some doors near a less active members home and one lady answered the door and was like ehh sorry I don't really believe in God, and we just kinda talked to her about why she didn't and what was going on in her life. I guess her Nan has just passed recently and she just wasn't sure about what to believe. She knows there is an after life but just wasn't sure about a God. So, we talked to her more and more, and the funeral for her nan is in a couple of weeks, and the longer we talked the more she seemed to think or believe that there is a God...? It was really weird.. and by the end of it she was complaining that they couldn't find a priest or someone from another church to bless the grave at the, she asked if we could do it and we said yes! Sooo, I guess we will be blessing a grave at a funeral on May 27th. Pretty crazy! It was the weirdest but coolest experience I have ever had knocking! That was just super unexpected but we are excited as well.. she is definitely in a place to accept the gospel now! hahah

On Saturday, us and a few other missionaries in the Zone got to participate in a HUGE service project at a primary school in London. It was awesome! We got a lot done and the school was SOO thankful and it really made a good impression on a lot of people who are not members. I was really grateful to be able to help out in that! It was a good day.

Things here are going well! Missionary life as usual! I can't believe that the transfer is half way over!! Moves calls aren't this weekend...but next!! Ahh that is weird! I think I might even stay here one more transfer! But, we will see what happens!!

I hope all is well back in Utah! (and Texas)...and I hope you all  have a great week!! Thanks for all the love and support!


Love, Elder Munson

"Ice cream man passed us at just the right time!"

"Service project at a primary school a few days ago."

"Me and Elder Yu at Zone Conference last week!"

 "Zone P-day last week!"

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