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Email - March 17, 2014

OH MY DAYS!! Selection Sunday already!! PLEASE SEND ME A BRACKET!!! or two. I need to fill one out! I love March Madness!!! Good for BYU and Weber making it in though!! So sick!! 

And go Tanner!!! Keep up the sick work back in the box! And, congrats to Peyton!! THAT IS INCREDIBLE!!!

Things here are going well...suspenseful. We haven't had moves calls yet and we usually have them by this time on Mondays! So, we are trying to be patient and wait to see what happens! Both of us think we will stay though!  But, we had a good week weather wise! A lot of sun, so that's nice! My nose actually got kinda burnt this week, so I was happy about that! 

That is cool that Nate is working on the KPGR studio. That camo picture is a CLASSIC!! Kenzey Miles emailed me and said that I'm talked about a lot in Radio class, so at least I left my mark somewhere in the school! I love Russ. 

We FINALLY actually saw V____ this week! That was nuts. After three weeks of like not even talking to us we saw him and he acted like nothing even happened! haha It was so weird! But, hopefully, we'll continue to see him more often! 

Ah, sweet home teachers! Tell them that I say HI! I miss Brother Munoa loads! He is the man! He had a huge impact on me going through Young Mens, even though he wasn't ever one of my leaders, just him being there was sick.

THANK YOU GUYS SO MUCH! I got a couple of letters this week and money. You guys are the best! I finally wrote a letter back as well! So, hopefully that will get there soon. It has another memory card with it! 

We had Ward Conference yesterday. That went really really well!! We had like 5 less-active people come and the chapel was more full than ever! I also got the sustaining as Elders Quorum President. So, that was kinda weird/cool. I then had a meeting after church with a Stake High Council member to give me a little "training" on what I'm supposed to do as Elders Quorum President and such. So, that was a BIG help! I now sort of feel like I know what to do. haha! 

I've been studying the New Testament very intently for a few weeks now and HOLY FREAKING HECK, how sick is that book!? I have been loving every second of studying it! Nothing better than learning from the way and the words that our Savior taught! It makes my study something to really look forward to every morning!!! 

I wish I knew that plans of transfers and such! But, I just don't! I'll let you know though as soon as I know!! I hope you all had a great week!! I love you all!! 

Love, Elder Munson

"Elder Fredrickson and my MTC companion!! Elder Ganta!"

"Remember Elder Allen that we went to eat with at Los Hermanos?!!"

"Elder Bognar!!"

"Love the Kool-aid. :) Goes perfectly with my cold pizza for breakfast!"

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