Email - May 12, 2014

HI! I hope Mum had a great Mother's Day!! It was soo good to be able to talk to you all!!! It sounded like you are all doing well!! I cant believe that is 2/4 down already! This is all going so fast!

That poem is sooo funny!! haha I wish I could have been there!

So, this week you already heard about most of it! The temple with N____ was good on Saturday, and it was an honor to bless Nikita's baby at Church on Sunday! I was so nervous for it!!

So, Elder Green and I had such a cool experience earlier this week! I forgot to tell you about it on Skype! We started praying SPECIFICALLY for a family to join the ward that had youth aged children, cause we don't have many youth in the ward, and we would pray for that in EVERY prayer we said. The very next day we got a text from the office saying there was a less-active member that had moved into our ward boundaries and she has 5 kids!!!! AHH and two boys who are Young Mens aged! It was amazing! So, we visited them after the temple and she was sooo excited to see us and her kids were excited to come back to Church and they all came on Sunday! - except for the mum cause she was ill, but the kids came and made such a big difference to the Primary and the Youth! It was amazing!! GOD ANSWERS OUR PRAYERS! It was really cool!

Today is going to be a fun p-day! I can't wait to get out and play some sport with the zone! 

That is soo funny that Tanner tried the egg noodle sandwich! Glad he liked it:) haha It's the best! 

Mum, thank you soo much for all that you do! Honestly! I hope you had an amazing Mother's Day! Ah, you are the best! And, thank you for catching up on the blog!! 

I hope you all have a great week!! I miss you!! Good luck with the playoffs, Tanner!!! 

Oh, and things specific for my birthday? Um.. the only thing I can think of is a music book.. like a guitar book maybe? Like Jack Johnson (On and On or In Between Dreams) or Joshua Radin (Underwater) book? :) I don't know if they even make those. I have the guitar chords for hymns in the Simplified Hymn Book. I have been practicing those;). But yeah! That would be cool since I won't be with Elder Green forever to teach me these things! haha 


Love, Elder Munson
"Service for a member!"

"Me and Elder Popa on exchange."

"Temple trip with Nisha and Nikita and Tim!"

"Ah, the Temple!"

"Deco and Isabel came and visited me yesterday at the Mitcham Ward!"

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