Agency is an ETERNAL principle!

Email - February 24, 2014


Elder Mecham and I are still having loads of fun!! hahah  

We have been unable to reach V____ for over a week now! so that has been rough! But we do have another investigator named M____! She is Sister Welch's friend and she has been showing a lot of real interest in the Gospel and Sister Welch is a great support to her! 

This Thursday we planned a ward reach out evening! So, we invited the whole ward to meet at the chapel on Thursday night and we are going to go out and visit all the less active people that live in the ward boundaries and let them know that the new chapel is open!! Hopefully, it'll b
e a great experience and we will be able to get a few people to come back to church!!

I miss football and being in good good shape so much!! haha We had to run to church yesterday cause we missed the bus, and I was so winded! haha It was a proper depressing time for me being so winded just from jogging to church! Yeah, it was a far run but I was way more tired than I should have been! haha My body is in good shape, I think but cardio wise I am sooooo bad! haahhah Yikes. 

Anyway! The scriptures are amazing! I love finding hidden treasures in them! Having daily scripture study has made the biggest difference in my life! Not only as a missionary, but just as a person! It's cool to read scriptures! 

I'm sorry there is just not much to share! Week after week things are so repetitive! I don't want to be sending like the same email week after week cause that's just boring!!  

I guess yesterday Elder Mecham and I taught a lesson in gospel principles class on agency and it was so good! I think agency is amazing! It is so cool to learn about it and how important it is!! Agency is an ETERNAL principle and it is something definitely ordained of God. He wants us to ALWAYS have the right to choose for ourselves, and I know that that is the way that Christ and Heavenly Father wants it to be! It was a good experience to be able to teach about it in a lot of depth! Even though sometimes we may make bad choices, that's what the Atonement is for!! So, that's pretty sick.

I hope you guys all had a good week! MUM thank you so much for the Kool-Aid! Ahhhh, I was so happy and excited when I got that!! So sweet!! I love it!!! Thanks for all the support and the love!! 
I love you all so much! I'm so glad to be out here doing what I'm doing!

Love, Elder Munson!

"The London Eye"

"Cool cloud the other day!"

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