It was a good week!

Email - April 28, 2014

Haha Utah weather! So crazy. Hopefully, Lehi can pull it together heading in to playoffs! "PLAYOFFS?!!? YOU WANNA TALK ABOUT PLAYOFFS? PLAYOFFS?!?!??!" Haha, that Jim Mora interview was the greatest of all time. Wait, it was Jim Mora, right?

Anyway! Things are going well here! It was a good week! A cute little girl from a part member family asked me to baptize her so that was amazing! She is so sweet! Soo basically that is the make up for an amazing week...haha one of the best I have had my whole mission.

I also had the chance to speak in Sacrament Meeting! It went really well, I think! I love speaking talks is the best. 

It's weird that Mum and Peyton are here... 

My new companion, Elder Green is the man. He is a really nice guy and really musically talented as well! We are going out to try to find me a cheap guitar today so he can teach me to play! He has one with him and he is really really good! So that will be fun! He's a really hard worker too! So it's good to be with someone who wants to get things done! He was a member of the BYU men's chorus back home! We are having a good time, and it will be a good companionship! 

We have Stake Conference coming up this week. It will be good I think. There are a lot of things the wards need to work on in London, so hopefully it will give people some good encouragement! 

So, I have been hearing rumors that Sawyer is home and was ill? Can someone tell me what is happening?! I haven't heard from him for like two weeks now!! I hope he is alright!! 

Anyway, sorry this is short! I love and miss you all! I hope all is well!!!!

Love, Elder Munson

"Kathrine is the cutest little 11 year old girl. She has Down Syndrome and is the sweetest spirit ever. She ask me to baptize her on Saturday! :)"

"Kathrine and her mum."

 "Saw Chris the other day. He used to come on teaches a lot
with me and Elder Bognar."


"A member in the ward owns a Thai restaurant and had us over at it this week.
It was SOOOOO good!"

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