I feel amazing!

Email - March 10, 2014

WOAH! WE HAD SUN THIS WEEK!! It was so nice all week! For real! Congrats to Tanner though!! That is sick!!!

And congrats to the PG basketball team! That is so sick for them! Good 'ol Ry guy leading them to the SHIP!! They really could have used the real 6th man for that game, I bet! That's cool that you guys got to see a few of my friends! I'm so proud of Sam! She will be such a good missionary!! Speaking of sister missionaries, yes mum, those books did come for her! Thank you so much!!! She was very grateful! Oh and I got your little package this week too with the tie and candy and the memory card!! Thank you so much. :) I ate up that candy so fast!! haha It was so good:)

I feel amazing! I'm a full time servant of the Lord and I get to study and learn doctrine everyday! It's been amazing!! I never ever though I could learn so much about the Gospel. So, how have I felt? Well, spiritually uplifted I guess? Yeah, it's hard, but it's amazing. The real question is how haven't I felt since being on a mission? I have felt every emotion in the book out here. haha!!! It's just crazy! But, things really are going so well!! Like I'm fine...obviously not well success wise, but I'm learning a lot and I have such good family and friends that have my back and support me! Sawyer is the man.. and we stay in very good contact and as well as Bailee Cook. She really is great! And the fam obviously. :)

V____ dropped off the face of the earth, but we did hear from him last week. Then, he didn't show up to our appointment. So, basically, contacting and trying to find new people to teach has been the name of the game for the last two weeks! Hopefully, all the hard work will pay off soon!!! 

Last night we had an appointment with a guy named T____. Basically, he is the most anti guy I have ever met! He is from Czech. He had a super strong accent and he was the rudest, most closed minded guy I have ever met in my life!!! haha He was destroying our religion!! But, Elder Mecham and I handled him well. Needless to say, it was just a huge debate and he just threw anti stuff in our faces all night. But, we set an appointment with him on Tuesday to be able to see him. He likes Elder Mecham and I, just not the church.

Despite all the crazy things that people say though, it just doesn't matter, the Church is true and why people target our Church so badly, I don't get it. But, oh well. This gospel is so amazing and I feel bad for people who can't open their eyes and soften their hearts to it! 

I hope all is well!!! Thank you for everything and all the support!!!  I LOVE YOU ALL!!

Have a great week!
Love, Elder Munson

P.S. Sorry I sucked at pictures this week. I didn't realize I didn't take any until I plugged the camera in just this morning, haha my bad!

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