This Gospel is so amazing!

Email - May 5, 2014

Well another week in the books! That is so crazy that Mum and Peyton were here just last week! I hope you guys had a great time! It sounds like you did!! Thank you sooooo much for all of the stuff! The football the gloves the food! It's all amazing! Thank you!!!

Things here are going well!!! The guitar is coming along nicely I think. haha

Yesterday was Stake Conference, my 2nd one here. Deco from the Catford Ward asked me to ordain him to be an Elder!! IT WAS AMAZING!"!! Wow. I had the chance to do that yesterday afternoon. But, it made me think I really want my Preisthood line of authority! I don't know how to get that but can I get that sometime?!!??!?? That would be amazing! 

I think we are going to Skype at the earlier time! Is that ok? So, plan around 8 in the morning:)

Elder Popa says thank you soooo much! I gave him the book earlier this week!

I'm soooo glad that you got to see the Sintim's as well as the Welch's! I love them both! Sister Sintim makes us SO much food! African plates of food are soooo big! You should have seen the bowl of Fufu that she fed us yesterday! Daniel and Brigette have become way good friends and I am so stoked that they are coming to visit us as well!!

Dad, I am looking forward to the draft updates and the NBA playoffs! GO CLIPPERS!!

Elder Green and I are doing well! We work well together.

This Gospel is so amazing, Mum, you are right! I am learning more and more EVERY day! And, it has been a blast! Honestly! 

We have had a weird p-day! Things have been all over the place! But, it should be a good week! We have Zone Conference tomorrow which should be good! I'm also going on exchange with Elder Popa later this week! That should be really fun! I'll learn a lot from him!

I love you guys! I'm really excited to talk to you this weekend!! It will be soooooo awesome! Can't believe it is that time already!!!

Have a great week! 

Love, Elder Munson

"Right after I ordained Deco.  Such a great experience!"



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