Email - April 7, 2014

This was a great week! Last Monday, we had the chance to ride the London Eye! That was amazing!! Really cool. Then Thursday, I went on exchange with one of the Zone leaders, Elder Alejandre from Barcelona, Spain! He is a great missionary. I like him a lot. We worked really hard and found a new investigator! 

Also, I got a call on Friday from the sister missionaries in our ward. They have an investigator named George, and he has been investigating since Elder Cangas was here with me. We have been helping out to teach him cause he is a single male and such. But, basically they called and said that George wanted me to baptize him, so I was like WOAH, of course! It was such an honor! Seriously! It made me feel so good to help someone make that special covenant with God! It was a great weekend! 

We watched the Saturday morning session live Saturday evening here. Then Sunday morning, we watched the Priesthood session, then we watched the Saturday afternoon session, then had a break, and that's when George got baptized. Then, we watched the Sunday morning session live in the evening here. We'll probably watch the Sunday afternoon session online by ourselves sometime this week. :) 

I loved Elder Scott's talk from the Saturday afternoon session! It was so good, I thought. Also, President Uchtdorf's was really good talking about the points we can look to improve ourselves! It was great! I took like 5 pages of notes this conference, it was all so good!  

I can't believe that Mum and Peyton are coming this month!! Sooo weird! Just a couple more weeks! You will love it. 

Today, we are going to play sports at the chapel as a zone so that will be really fun! I can't wait! Haven't got to do that for quite a while. The weather has been a lot warmer, still cloudy and rainy but SO much warmer, so that is nice! 

I'm so happy and thankful for the blessing of General Conference! I love hearing from our Church leaders and the guidance that they give is the guidance that the LORD is giving to us. I know that!! The Gospel is just amazing and it has not ceased to amaze me time after time on my mission! It's great! 

I love you all and I'm so grateful for the love and support!! I hope everything is going well! Things are going very well here. :) 

Love, Elder Munson 

 "George Boakye (Bo-wah-chee) from Ghana. :)"

"On the London Eye.  It was so cool."

"There were some members in the pod next to us from California! 
They took this picture of us and sent it to us! So, that was nice!" 

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