April already!

Email - March 31, 2014

Woah! That's a crazy final 4! Wasn't UK and UCONN lower than 5 seeds? Good for them! Sorry to hear Michigan let you down though, Dad. ;)

This week has been alright. I really don't know what to say this week. Just been another week in the mission field. Not much happened. 

Today, we are going to ride the London Eye. The senior couple in our district is really nice and got us coupons for half priced tickets! So, that will be cool. :) 

I'm excited for Conference this weekend though! It should be really good! It will be a long long day Sunday, but I know that it will be so good to hear from the Lord's Apostles and get guidance from them. On Sunday, we will watch the Priesthood session, the Saturday afternoon session, and the Sunday morning session. On Saturday, we just watch the Saturday morning session. 

Sister Welch seems really excited to have Peyton and Mum coming here! That will be fun. Tim, Pauline's husband is one of my favorite people I have met on my mission...member, non member, missionary - it doesn't matter, Tim is in the top of that list! haha You guys will love them.

I seriously can not believe that tomorrow is the start of April already! It's been such a long crazy journey to get here and now it's just flying by once I'm here. Well, some days it's flying by, others it's brutal! But, overall, I can't believe I have been out longer than nine months now!! 

We have zone training tomorrow which will be really good. I always learn a lot from them, so I am looking forward to learning a lot tomorrow and start applying it all in the work!!

Elder Mecham and I taught a Gospel Principles class yesterday all about prayer. It went well. It helped me to realize how cool and crucial prayer is in our life! It's cool that we have a way to communicate with God. 

We have a few investigators who are hopefully going to start keeping some commitments! We got a referral from some other missionaries this last week. It's a guy who has told the other missionary that he wants to be baptized but he lives in the Mitcham Ward boundaries, so we are going to start teaching him! So, that should be really cool. Hopefully, he will be able to feel of the truthfulness of the message we will share with him this week and we can commit him to be baptized in a few weeks:)

Anyway, sorry this isn't much...really not much to say!! I guess happy English Mothers Day yesterday, Mum!! I love you!!

haha Oh, and no, I can't think of anything else from America that I really want at this moment, maybe something will pop in my head over the week!!!

Have a great April Fools Day tomorrow! I hope all is well!! Love you all!!

Love, Elder Munson  

"Madi White's older sister or twin or something!
Sister Welch's daughter, Caroline."

English Mothers Day flowers given out in the Mitcham Ward.

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