This work is amazing init?

Email - January 27, 2014

Ok as always...questions first!!

My contacts are holding out well! I only really wear them when we play sports on P-day or something like that! I'll let you know when I am in need though! hahah

And, no I have not had to play because one of the BYU students that is here plays [piano]!! But, thank  you so much for the books!!! They came this week! and I am trying to practice as much as I can so I can play when I am needed! I can still read music really well surprisingly! 

And nooo! there is nothing that I need right now! Thank you though!! Things are going well!!

We had a good week! We have a new investigator named A____! He is the man! He is the boyfriend of a less active member! and we started teaching him on Saturday and he came to church yesterday! The members have been doing well with missionary work lately! Your prayers have been answered mum! It has been great!!

V____, our investigator from Sri Lanka is preparing to be baptized on the 15 of Feb! Hopefully, things will work out well!!! 

We have also been doing a lot of less active work lately! And, it has been good! We had like 4 less active members come to church yesterday! 

On February 9th, the Mitcham Ward Chapel will be open!!! Finally! this ward will have their own chapel and we won't have to travel to the Stake Centre in Wandsworth every Sunday! I can't wait! I better still be here to see it! That will be the Sunday after transfers! 

Last night, Elder Cangas and I made the Lehi Roller Mills brownies that Grandma sent me for Christmas! They are so good!! Ah, I had them for breakfast this morning too!! hahahhahahaah :) healthy. 

I cant believe I have another Cousin and I'm not there to see her! I can't wait to see Khloe! She is beautiful!!!

Woah, I didn't even realize it was seven months ago that I went in the MTC. Hahaha I usually know the day and keep track, but not this month I guess! haha That is just crazy! Time is flying! But, there is too much to do here!!! Gahhh!

Today we are going to play sports at the Stake Centre as a zone. It'll be fun! I miss sports so much. galllllllll! 

A couple of days ago I went on exchange with Elder Bailey! It went well! He loves Supernatural! So, we basically talked about that for 24 hours! Hahahah, apart from when we were teaching some true doctrine! :)

Anyway! I miss and love you all! Thank you for all the prayers and thoughts! I can feel them and see them in the work! This work is amazing init?

I hope all is well! and that Seattle can pull out a big W this sunday!! 

D&C 76:22 is such a sick scripture!

Love, Elder Munson

Cute, cute, cute members from his ward!

"Some group pics I never from Big Ben and one from playing
rugby on a p-day."

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