I love missionary work!

Letter - January 20, 2014

Dear Family!

  Holy!  It has taken me DAYS to write!  I am so sorry!  I honestly am going to try to do better!

  Mitcham is great!  I have been loving the ward so far!  It is quite a small ward...but, it's AMAZING!  I get fed here more often than Catford.  So, that's good!

  Elder Cangas loves basketball and animae...oh, how he loves animae!  He talks about it all the time, and I just have no idea what he is on about!  He has a girlfriend back home named Lauren.  I don't know if she likes animae.  He told me that once he spent five hours a day for a whole summer watching animae!

  Our district consists of Mitcham Ward (us, plus Sister Polidario from the Philippines and Sister Yoshumara from Japan) and the Crystal Palace Ward (which has Elder Bailey from Your, England and Elder Wright from Canada).  It's a good district.  We also have a senior couple from the Crystal Palace Ward.  The Fowler's are amazing.  Elder Fowler worked for the Church Education System and he used to teach seminary teachers how to teach!  So, anytime he opens his mouth it's mind blowing.  He teaches so well a four year old could understand the deepest of doctrines if it came from him!

  Time is moving right along here.  Next week is my seven month mark?  Oh, my days!  So crazy!

  Today is P-Day obviously.  We are going to have a Zone P-Day.  We're going to the famous Greenwich Royal Park where they have a museum set up right on the Meridian or something!  It should be good I guess.  Greenwich is in my last area so it'll be just like going home!  :)

  This last week I learned how to complete a Rubiks cube, so that's exciting!

  I love missionary work!  It's so freaking hard sometimes though.  But, I love being here doing what I'm doing!  It's a blessing!

  I love you!  I miss you!

Elder Munson

[I Love You in Thai]

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