The weather here is getting better I think.

Email - February 10, 2014

This last week was SOO SWEETTTT! Elder Mecham and I are having so much fun and getting some good work done! I don't think about home or miss friends and home nearly as much cause I feel like I'm just spending everyday with one of my friends from back home! We have so much fun! Everyone told us at church that we looked like twins and people we meet or talk to on the street always think we are brothers! It's so funny.

But, yes the new chapel is closer for everyone!!! It was an existing building and they remodeled the WHOLE inside to make it look like a proper chapel! It's so nice! And, there are only like four or five active elders in the ward! Well maybe 7, but three have callings that they aren't in Elders Quorum. I get to choose the counselors, but I just got set apart yesterday so they will be called next week. I think it will be really good! but a lot of work!

So, the work has been going good. V____ has a pretty solid baptismal date for March 8th. We are excited! We just had a baptizm in the ward on Saturday! The sisters in our ward are very good missionaries! So, it is good to have them here.

Things are just going really well. We have a lot of work to do though!! We are hoping we will be able to stay companions for at least two transfers! maybe more if we work really hard and get a lot done!!!

The weather here is getting better I think. I hope at least. I have been sick all week.. my throat just kills and its so hard to wake up with a stuffy nose and a sore throat. I just want to sleep so much! hahaahah. 

I got a Valentines package from Sam this week and a card from Grandma and Grandpa! Ah! so nice of them! I feel so loved and I have the best friends and family around! That is for sure!! 

There is a less active family that we have been working really closely with and they are growing so much!! They came to church yesterday and they invited us over for Family Home Evening tonight!! So, it would be great to get them fully active again because they are a great family. Sister N____ has raised both her daughters on her own!! Such a great lady!

It was such a fast short week with transfers and such! So, I'm not sure if there is much else! I hope everything is going great back home! Thank you for the letters and the $ too:) you guys are the best! 

Oh, and also Sister Polidario wanted to know where she could get that simplified hymn book? I told her you had sent me one and she has been trying to track one down as well. She is one of the sister missionaries in our ward.  She's amazing. 

But anyway! I love this work! And, sharing the Gospel with a friend is soooo fun! Sometimes hard to focus...but it's the best! 

I love the Gospel!!!

Love, Elder Munson
"Elder Bodhaine leaving.  :( "

"New chapel"

"We're chefs!"

"Elder Mecham said you'd like this one cause, "I look like I could be Mamma
Munson's son!" hahaha"

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