The Church is SOOOOO TRUE!

Email - January 13, 2014

Things have been going really well here! I am learning the area pretty quickly!!! This last week Elder Cangas has been trying to teach me how to do a Rubik's cube!!! I AM ALMOST ABLE TO DO IT!! I always get to the end and forget the pattern to do! It's so hard. But, to answer Dad's question.. Elder Cangas has been here for like 5 transfers! So he's a fossil in this area! hahahhah. President Millar I think told him this would be his last transfer here, and living in a two man flat has been ok!! Different, but good! 

Last night, I had a dream about me and Jordan Peck when we were young! It was literally like having a movie played in my head. I have been thinking about him a whole lot lately! Im so grateful that I was able to grow up with that kid and have him as such a good friend my whole life so far. It makes me want to cry whenever I think about that we didn't hang out much in high school. And, it's my fault cause I was such a terrible friend. I will forever be grateful for him. 

Good luck to Tanner in Nevada this week!! I'm jealous of the warm weather he will see!!

It has been pretty nice here this week! Not so much rain!!! And, today even right now it is sunny outside :) not so warm but its sunny! So, I'll take it!! :) 

I really love this area! and I am so glad that I am able to be here at this time as well! The members have been great getting involved with teaching and all that! 

I can't believe how fast time is going though!!! It's the craziest thing in the world!! It seems like yesterday I got my call, but it was a whole year ago that I was turning in my papers!! That means that my friends that are Seniors at PG now will be getting their calls soon!! Ah and someone better get called here! I would lose it! Like Brayden Cox! or someone like that! I would be so happy! I miss Coxy so much!!

This work is amazing! And, the Church is SOOOOO TRUE! I love it! and I love knowing for a fact that what people say doesn't matter to me cause I know that the Church is true no matter what opinions people have on it! 

I miss you all so much and I'm so thankful for the support and love that I feel! I say that every week, but it's true! The love I feel is indescribable! and it helps me when things get hard!!


Love, Elder Munson

"Last P day.  Ball is life!"

"Sister Welch had us over for an amazing dinner on Saturday and she tried to squirt whipped cream in my mouth...buuuut she missed...clearly.  Haha!"

"Proper English breakfast a member fed us on Tuesday.  It was good!"

"This is a letter box in England. Maybe you have seen one in pictures I have sent before, but they are usually RED.  If a gold medal winner from the most recent olympics lives near, they paint the nearest one to their home GOLD! Pretty cool tradition I think!  I have seen a few gold ones since being in this area."

"Weekly pic. :)"

"My new favorite fruit...Persimmon or Kaki fruit.  It is SOOOO good!"

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