Email - January 6, 2014

I LOVE MITCHAM WARD! Seriously, it is great here. I think I might be the piano player for sacrament though cause no one knows how!!! hahaha so that will be fun! 

This is a great area! It needs a lot of work but it's great! The members are amazing! 

We have a couple of investigators that I got to meet this week! One is named V____. He is from Sri Lanka. He is awesome! And another one is N____. He is from Jamaica. He's been investigating for years, but he just has not been baptized yet. 

The flat that we live in is SO nice. Nicest flat by far that I have lived in! I love it. It is weird being in a two man flat but I am getting used to it! It's a lot easier to get up on time and go to bed on time and work out and all that! 

Elder Cangas is a cool guy. He loves anime! and he is a great artist! His drawings are all anime and they are so sick. I've been having him draw Pokemon for me! hahahahaha

All the other missionaries in the Catford ward stayed!  And here in the Mitcham ward there are 4 missionaries. Elder Cangas and I and Sister Polidario (from the Philippines) and Sister Yoshimura (from Japan). They are amazing! It's seriously just the best here.

Oh, and thank you soooo much for the groceries! That was great. Such a surprise, but it helps us out so much! 

I miss you guys and I'm so thankful for all of the love and support I feel from you!!! I have the best family and friends in the world! I hope all is well and that you had a great new year's! 

Dad, that NFL playoff picture is interesting! It is crazy what Cam Newton has turned the Panthers into in just a few years! But, I'm faithful to Russell Wilson!!!!! LETS GO SEAHAWKS! A Colts Seahawks Superbowl would be so heart tearing for me! haha Gall, I miss football.

Love, Elder Munson

    -Oh, and I forgot to say that on Saturday, we got to go to a wedding of a member of the Mitcham ward.  He's been off of his mission for just over two months and he got married!  It was really cool though!!-

"Eating FuFu!"

"A cool wall."

"We played a funny board game we found at McDonald's! Seriously, for like an hour we played this kids meal game."

"Elder Cangas and I at the wedding."

"Wedding selfie."

"Me and ward member, Bridget!  She is sick!"

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