I miss you loads!

Email - August 4, 2014

Ok that video of Johnny is the funniest thing I have seen in a long time! hahah That was the best! Thank you for sharing that! 

I can't believe it is August already! But J____'s baptism went really really well! It was a great day! President Millar even came to it, so that was awesome to have his support!

After the baptism, we were invited to a BBQ by our good friend Matt! I don't know if i have told you guys anything about Matt yet, but he is the man. He is a young newlywed guy...his wife is named Rosie and they are like the nicest coolest people ever. The way we met them is because they are Jehovah's Witnesses! and they were handing out their magazines at Morden underground station and we were talking to Matt, and we exchanged numbers...and that led to us and Matt meeting up EVERY week and just discussing doctrines and such! This last Thursday Matt gave a talk in their Kingdom Hall (their chapel). Elder Heninger and I went to support him and hear him. He did really well! But yeah, so Matt is just our good friend! And, we introduced the sisters to them and now they are good friends with Rosie! So, it's pretty cool! 

Dad, your email was spot on! Tomorrow, we have interviews with President, so I will be able to discuss things with him! They only happen once every three months, so it was good timing! 

The work has been hard! But, great as always! We have another investigator named S____ who has been coming to church, but due to work schedules, we have been unable to see him during the week! But, things are going well with him! If he continues to come to church like he has been the last few weeks, things will be good! 

Elder Heninger and I have been having SO much fun lately! It hasn't been affecting our work in a negative way at all! Things have just been so funny lately and we don't know why. We are always laughing which is really good! hahah We started a quote book that is hilarious that we just write down all of our really dumb random things that we say..

And, Mum, no I haven't booked a driving test yet! I need to talk to President about it tomorrow to see if I need to take the test before the end of this moves or if I can do it after if i get moved! We just have to see cause the test has to be booked like a month or so in advance! haha

I can't even believe how blessed I am to be here doing what I am doing right now! It's such a great experience and I have been learning so much day by day! 

Yesterday was a great Fast Sunday! The Spirit was really strong in our Sacrament Meeting. Elder Heninger and I both bore our testimonies, as did the sisters!  It was amazing to hear Sister Xayalath bare hers as well! Her English has come such a long way - it's amazing! 

I hope you have a great week everyone! THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING! I miss you loads! 

Love, Elder Munson

"The baptism of John!"

"This is Matt.  He is the coolest!"

"The BBQ."

"My stress ball that grandma and grandpa got for me for Christmas popped. :("

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