3 Fast Sundays Down!

Email - September 2, 2013

On Tuesday, the office Elders called and said they had a referral for us and that we needed to try to go visit her asap. And, so, we texted her and set us an appointment. Her name is N____ and she has been dating a man from another ward in Southern England. So, we talked for a while about what she was expecting to get out of meeting with us. And, she said that she just thinks that it would be good for her to gain her own faith in something! Which is amazing! She was so accepting and open to the message of the Restoration and is so willing to carry on with learning. She went away to Canada for a couple of weeks now but she is planning on meeting with us as soon as she gets back and that will be super exciting.

We also had a Zone/District meeting on Wednesday in Portsmouth. I love our Zone Leaders, Elder Fingerle and Elder George. Both of them are incredible missionaries and super nice guys.

Dave had something come up so we will be headed to Stonehenge next Monday! I am so excited to go there! I have always wanted to go there!!

People here are tough to talk to. They literally look at you like your a freak just by saying hi to them on the streets like that's not normal or something?

But, my Chinese is improving. I can greet and hold a brief conversation with people now. So, hopefully, that will continue to improve. It's such a hard language to learn, but it's fun.

And, I also learned 'I love you' in 2 more languages (Danish & Polish). So, now I know it in 12! haha

I love being a missionary. And, I love the Spirit that I get to feel basically 24/7. It's such an amazing thing to be called to serve others full time! I love it!

Love, Elder Munson

"Oh my.. ok, so this is Elder Day. He is one of the Chinese speakers in this mission. He went to Olympus High School... and guess who he dated for like over 2 years... NIKKI MINOR. That girl that I met in Newport a few years ago. They broke up like right before that spring break!! HAHA so funny. We were both laughing so hard. He is awesome."

"Me and the Zone Leaders. Elder George and Elder Fingerle."

"Look how big this Tri is. We found it in the flat. The print in it is HUGE!"

"Had a water fight at Young Men's and Young Women's...
I was soaked...they ganged up on me."

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