Black Monday

Email - September 30, 2013

Haha I love that Peyton eats eggs on toast! And, Tanner and his date look great!!!! THAT'S MY BOY! 

This last week was pretty good. Elder Mannucci and I went on exchange on Thursday and we stayed in Southampton! And, we ran into an Italian guy and scheduled a lesson with him. I sat there for over an hour and just listened to two Italians talk forever... haha in Italian. I tried to pick up bits and pieces because I could understand a little cause its similar to Spanish. But, wow, that was just quite the experience I guess. Italians are so loud! haha! 

Anyway, a guy from the Winchester ward was baptized! The sisters in our district have been teaching him and I had the opportunity to go to his baptism on Saturday! I've met him a lot at YSA activities and such. And, we've gotten to be pretty good friends so he asked me to come to it! It was so cool! I can't wait till I get to see a baptism of someone that I am teaching! 

As far as B____ goes, he believes and has a testimony. But, his mother that lives in France doesn't want him to be baptized :( and since he's not 18, we need his legal guardian's consent for it. It's disappointing but, oh well. Down the road, maybe he'll get baptized! We're still going to teach him for sure though! 

So Moves are Wednesday, that means transfer calls go out tonight! So, if you're going to send anything this week I'd wait until Wednesday so I know where I will be!!! haha I really really hope that I stay in Southampton! I love it here and there is so much for me to get done next transfer! 

I have started to learn my testimony in Chinese. It is coming along pretty well! I love learning it. It's such a weird language though with all the tones and such. But, I love it!

I can't wait to see what happens tonight! Since today isn't a p-day, it's referred to as Black Monday. It's a long day. But, oh well. We have some appointments today so its ok! Hopefully, the day will go by fast!

Next transfer is Elder Buglass' last transfer! And, so he is getting excited and anxious. 

I definitely will email you guys on Wednesday to let you know where I am!!! Hopefully, still here!!!

I love you guys! and I miss you loads! Thanks for all the letters and such! It means a ton!

Love, Elder Munson

"The one in the middle is Jacob who got baptized on Saturday."

"Pawl is a member who moved here from Poland!  Funny guy!"

"At YSA we learned how to skin and clean fezzants...ha ha!"
 -- a.k.a. pheasants (Dying.  Laughing.) -- 

"Sister Bolinder (Utah) and Sister Nenadavic (Croatia)."

"Found an American store that sells Arizonas.  :)"

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