Commandments are soooo sick!

Email - September 9, 2013

Ah first of all thank you guys for the letters and everything!! And I got the package and thank you for the flash drive! Unfortunately, this week Stonehenge didn't work out but we are going next Monday! But, I'll still be able to email in the morning before!!!

Ah mum, I was going to answer the questions you had in your letter today in this email! But, I left the letter at the flat on accident! Ah I'm sorry. I'll get them answered! I remember the one about the guy from Ghana. And, no, we never saw him again but we passed his information to the missionaries in Ghana!

We have two exchanges this week, so that will be nice!

I miss you all loads!

On Sunday, the Elders Quorum President, Brother Tootil, walked up and handed me his Windows phone with all the scores from the FBS over the weekend. haha He has done it the last two weeks hahaha I LOVE IT. He is awesome! And mum, no, the things you send me and such do not make me home sick! I love to see what's going on back home!

S____ has had heath problems this last week.. so, we weren't able to see her which is a shame! I hope everything will be alright! We should be seeing her soon!

There was a talk given on Sunday about the commandments! AH! Commandments are soooo sick! It's definitely the cool thing to do to keep them. ;)

It was just a really normal week this last week. Nothing too exciting! We had a dinner appointment everyday besides Monday and Tuesday though!! So, that was very good.  :)

Thanks you guys for all that you do! Grandma and Grandpa send me letters, too, updating me about their lives and I LOVE it!

I love and miss you all!

Love, Elder Munson

Oh, and here are some pictures... 

" from the carni that came a couple of weeks ago..."

" from the pier this last week..."

 "...and one doing the signature MeKenzey Miles pose."

"Our zone is great... Sister Morgan, (bottom right corner, blonde)
is from Parowan!

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