I love the mission field!


August 26, 2013

Dear Family,

  Today was a very fun P Day!  (as you already know from my email)  But, The Best Two Years was seriously SO much fun to watch as a missionary.  The whole district was dying through the whole movie.

  Anyway, this last week was a really just weird week with the first transfer ending and Elder Yu leaving and such.  Elder Ng's new companion, Elder Lam, is from Hong Kong and he's really nice and a really good missionary.  But, it's still not the same as Elder Yu!  Ha ha!  The days really started to seem a lot slower to me after that.  Everything seemed to be going by so fast until the second half of last week.  I don't know if that's because I'm fully adjusted to this life now, or what the heck it could be, but, oh well.

  I am trying to learn as much from Elder Buglass as possible and help him as much as possible as well.

  So, that new investigator, A____, that I emailed about...yeah, he's moving, so that's just great!  Ha! Hopefully, S____ will continue to progress and hopefully some new investigators will come forth.

  I can't believe the end of this week will be September!  Crazy!  I got on a plane to Chicago two months ago today!  Wow.  

  I love the mission field though and all the time we get to study and learn and, especially, all the time we have to find and help others.

  I love and miss you all!  Thank you for everything you do!

Elder Munson

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