A Day Full of Miracles

Email - September 16, 2013

Ah, we had a good week! And, it's good to hear from you guys! Thanks for all the pictures! I'm so excited for Hunter and Brandon.

Anyway! On Wednesday, at District Meeting I taught a part of the lesson and taught all about enduring to the end! Which is easily my favorite scripture topic to study! So, I prepared well for it and I feel that it went well!!

On Thursday, Elder Buglass and I went on exchange with the Zone Leaders! I went to work with Elder George in Romsey. And we had the most incredible day ever. First of all, people in Romsey are so much nicer than people in Southampton. But, we taught 7 lessons in one day. And, only one of them was scheduled. It was insane! But, the biggest miracle happened later in the night! So.. it starts getting dark here now around like half seven. So, we had just taught a lesson with a less active member and washed and cleaned out the Zone Leaders car. So, we started heading back to the flat in Romsey and we were just driving around in circles... and I was so confused about what Elder George was doing... but, I didn't say anything. Then,all of a sudden, he blurted out "Well Lord, I'll take that as my answer," and I was like what the freak are you talking about? haha And, he said that he had been praying in his heart that if there were no parking spaces we would go knock one last road before we went in to have dinner. And, at this point it was like 7:45. And, I was like, "Okay sweet, where are we going?" and, he said he had no idea... hahahaha! So, we just started driving and we passed a road called ALMA road and I said, "Wait wait turn around, we're knocking that road back there." So, we turned around and parked and got out and started on ALMA road from the far left side. The very first door we knocked... a man named J____ opened the door. We told him we were missionaries sharing an important message with everyone and told him all about the Book of Mormon, and it was incredible. He was asking us to meet up with him cause he wanted to know more and he like called Elder George's phone to make sure we gave him the right number and everything. It was so cool. So, we said a prayer with him and left and Elder George and I just looked at each other and just were silent. We said nothing and just got in the car and headed on our way like we both knew in our hearts that that was the last thing the Lord needed us to do before we went back to the flat for dinner. THE LORD FREAKING GUIDED US TO A SPECIFIC DOOR AND PERSON. We both knew it! In the car, we analyzed what had just happened and we were both freaking out, and it was so cool!

By the way, 7 lessons in one day is a record for me... and Elder George who has only 6 months left.. so, it was just a day full of miracles!

An older family on our Ward had a grandson move in with them and he is not a member. He came to church with his grandparents yesterday and we started talking and ended up sitting down with him during Sunday School and taught him the first lesson and he was super interested, and he told us that he wants us to teach him the rest of the lessons. I really, really think that he will be baptized. His grandparents are very active members, so they will play a big part in his conversion. But, I cannot wait to see where it goes! Obviously, hopefully, to the font!

I love you guys so much! and I miss you loads! But, I love being a missionary. The Gospel is so sick.

Love, Elder Munson

 "It was so rainy and windy, I just didn't even bother fixing my umbrella."

"Me and Elder George."

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  1. Oh Skyler, you are a miracle missionary! We love hearing about all of the missionaries miracles and what you are accomplishing. Keep moving onward and upward. We pray for your success! We love you heaps!
    Elder and Sister Feil