A Glorious Mishmash

Elder Munson cracks us up!  I love getting his emails every Monday.  It makes Monday my favorite day of the week!  It is sometimes so very apparent he has a lot of things to share, and they all tumble out in randomness.  I just laugh.  This week's email is a prime example.  But, it is a glorious mishmash of lots of things, and it is obvious that, even with all of his various thoughts and sentiments, one thing is constant -- he LOVES being a missionary! 

Email - September 23, 2013

WOW that Lehi game sounds exciting!  Thank you, mum and dad for all the letters and updates!  I love dad's sports updates and the stories and quotes he sends me!  They are great!  And, mum, thanks for the tie and stickers!  Ha ha.  I love stickers.


Anyway, this week was good!  It is crazy that we are now heading into the last full week of the transfer.  So weird.  Last Monday, we got to go to Stonehenge!  It was incredible.

Then, on Tuesday, we had Zone Training, and I had my first interview with President Millar.  He is awesome!  I am thankful for all the work he does and the love he has for the work.

Over this last week, we met with B____ four times!!!!!!!!  So crazy!!!  He is progressing so well!  We are planning on taking him to a baptism this Saturday so he can see what it is like, and he's excited to go!  I'm so pleased that the Lord has placed him here.

I'm so happy for Keaton and Dani!  They will be great missionaries!

It will be a crazy next week and a half.  I really hope I stay in Southampton.  I'm pretty sure I will, but we will see.

This Saturday we are having a big chapel open house thing where, hopefully, a lot of non-members will show up and be able to learn more about our faith.  It has been a huge ward effort to get it all together, so I'm excited to see how it will turn out!

Oh, yeah and mum, I forgot to answer those other questions last week...

So, about S____, yes, she has been meeting with the missionaries on and off for the last 15 years!!! But, she just hasn't been baptized yet.

I love this work so much!  I have been so amazed at the things I am learning.  My Chinese is getting loads better.  I talked to a Uni student the other day on the street and we talked for a few minutes in Chinese...until she asked how to get to the bus interchange at the university, then I had no idea what she was going on about.  So, I had to ask her to explain that in English.  Ha ha.  But, I love being able to speak it even a little bit!

I miss you and love you all so much!  I hope you had a good week!

I love the Pic My Kid guy.  He's super nice!  Oh, and dad, that is so funny about the girls' tennis team!  Did Russ tell you that's what they said?  Hahaha!  Russ is a nice guy, huh?  I miss his class.

Anyway, have a good week!

Love, Elder Munson

"These are the Young Men from the Southampton Ward!
The one in the blue next to me is B____.  The one above
him is an investigator named T____.  We had just got done playing
basketball and they were jumping all over me.  That's why
my tie is all messy."

"Me and Carol!  She is the funniest lady in the whole world.
We are two peas in a pod.  She loves me.  She is a recent
convert...about 16 months ago."

"They had an American football at Young Mens this week...
I was in heaven!"

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