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September 3, 2013


  Hello!  How is everyone?  Yesterday was P Day and it was good.  I forgot to write though!  And, now it's lunch and I just got a package fro you!  (Mum)  Thank you for the scripture reference guides! Those are awesome.  And, the testimony triangle.  And, the letter, of course!

  It's crazy that school is in full swing.  That's good you've all survived it so far though!

  I got a letter today from Coulson Rich and one from Brittany Conner.  So good to hear from them. Brittany is loving SUU and Coulson says he sucks at Spanish and I think he leaves the MTC very soon. Ha ha!

  I think we have two exchanges next week.  One with the Zone Leaders and one with Elder Mannucci. So, that will be good.

  I LOVE being a full time missionary.  It's the greatest thing I've ever done.  It's super hard, but in the words of Hoodie Allen, "I know it's hard, but so is anything that's worth it."  :)  :)  I think those lyrics are spot on.  It's so worth it.  And, I know that.

  I have been called as the Zone "Knight of Salvation."  I'm in charge of studying the Work of Salvation website every week and extending a challenge to the whole Zone every week.  I love it!  I study hard and find meaningful things that can help progress the work in the whole Zone.  It's been a great calling so far!

  I love being a missionary!

  I love you all!

Elder Munson

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