My Chinese is getting pretty good. :)

Letter - September 16, 2013

Munson Family!

  Wow!  Today I got to go to Stonehenge!  It was incredible!  The best pile of rocks I've every seen!  For real though.  I LOVED it.  I'm so glad that Dave took us.  He's the best.

  There were so many foreigners there.  It's a popular place for European students to go I guess.

  Oh, and I already emailed you about B____ earlier today, but we saw him again tonight after P Day was over!  And, that was amazing!  He seriously is so in tune withe Spirit, it's crazy.  I can't wait to continue to be his guide through his search for the truth.

  Tomorrow, I will have my first interview with President Millar.  I'm excited to get to know him better. We have Zone training in Portsmouth.  And, I love going there cause I love taking the train!  So, that will be fun!

  Oh yeah, I forgot to say that B____ wants us to come back to meet with him on Wednesday before Young Men's.  Then, he's going to come to Young Men's as well!  I can't wait!

  Thank you guys for all the letters and updates about things back home!  I love getting letters.

  And, that's so cool that mum got baptized on this date too!

  It's so exciting to see how well PG is doing this year!  I'm proud of them!

  I hope I stay in Southampton for a long time.  My Chinese is getting pretty good.  I'm working on being able to bear my testimony in it right now.  I have mastered a simple conversation and a few other phrases.  But, now, my testimony is in the works!  I can't wait!  I've also been learning how to write in the characters as well!  Super hard.

  Anyway, I love and miss you all so much!  But, being a missionary is absolutely the coolest, most rewarding thing I have ever done.  Any, by rewarding, I mean that in a spiritual sense.  But, I'll only be rewarded by serving, and so, I'll keep that up!

  I love you! (in Chinese characters)  I miss you! (in Chinese characters)

Elder Munson

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