Where has the time gone!?!?

Email - June 16, 2014

I honestly can't believe my farewell was a year ago! WHERE HAS THE TIME GONE!?!? I don't know.

This was a good week! It was like the never ending birthday week! I am so blessed. The people here are so great and they treated me way too well! I am honestly so grateful for everyone! 

J____, the investigator we got last week is doing well!! He came to church again yesterday and is really excited for his baptism on July 5th! 

Oh, and about my passport...the mission office had to send it to me so I can get my provisional drivers license. It finally arrived, so I'm just waiting for my provisional so I can start taking lessons before my test! 

It sound like you guys had quite the week! That is so cool that you took Jmoe and his comp out to lunch! Sam's dad texted us and scheduled a dinner for us on Thursday night! It was SOOO good to see Steve and to talk to him. It was such a surprise but a lot of fun OBVIOUSLY!

Who is Judy Davidson's niece!? Ahahha that is weird! AND that is sooo funny about Bri!! hahahah I had no idea that Bri was her niece! AH that is sweet!

The days just go by faster and faster! There is literally ALWAYS something to do now. I don't have time to even plan with my companion at night most nights like we are supposed to cause I'm on phone calls all evening coordinating Elders Quorum stuff or doing district reports or something! It's just nuts!!! But, it is a lot of fun! Elder Heninger and I are working really hard! We pass out every night!

My first district meeting was on Wednesday and it went really well! The district is excited about this upcoming transfer! Dad, those short stories and quotes that you send me are perfect for district meetings!! Thank you so much!! KEEP 'em coming.  :) Elder Heninger and I have been asked to give a presentation at Zone training this friday as well, so I am excited about that!

The World Cup hype has been nuts here! Too bad England lost! Now, tonight America plays Ghana and all the ward members are confident that Ghana will prevail! hahaa most likely will.

We have been having a ton of service opportunities lately and it has been really good! Honestly, I love being able to help people and do some work for them! (and get out of a shirt and tie for a little!) hahaha

This work is amazing! Every week is a new experience and a testimony builder! I'm so grateful for everyone who loves and supports me back home! 

DAD I hope you had a great fathers day! I love you so much!!! That's good you got to see Sawyer. He told me he was going to stop by some time. I hope he is doing well. I miss that kid and love him so much.

I miss you all! Hope you continue to have a good summer and busy weeks.  ;) 

Love, Elder Munson

"A few of us went to Southbank again last week."

"The sisters got me a protein shake in a tin can for my birthday.
It actually wasn't too bad."

"Haha...Bailee sent me this for my birthday!  So nice!"

"Some of the BYU students who have been in the ward the last month or so."

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