I'm staying!

Email - July 16, 2014

SOOO, I'm staying! Haha, another 6 weeks in good 'ol Mitcham!! 

I've still been taking driving lessons! So, no I'm not officially licensed yet! I have to passed the actual driving test sometime this transfer! Haha, we'll see how it goes! I had a two hour lesson on Wednesday, and it just was not my day, I stalled the stupid car 9 times!! Haha, it was bad, but I have another lesson tonight!  :)

Sounds like you all had a crazy busy week! Busy is good though, isn't it?! It makes the time go by much faster! At least in the mission field it does!

To answer your questions....

Exercise is good! We get up and run to a bus stop quite a ways from our flat, that takes us to some tennis courts, and we have been working on our game!! We get up like an hour earlier that normal to actually have time to play! It's been fun.

I have not gotten any short sleeve shirts yet! Just been so busy! And, last p-day, there weren't any in my size at the store I looked for them.

The progress with inactives is great! We had a whole family of 6 come to church yesterday! We had to leave for church early to take like a 30 minute bus ride to get to their house and then we helped get all the kids ready and got to church! First time they have been in like 9ish months! It was great! 

And, what do I pray for? Ah, what don't you pray for as a missionary?! I pray for my family, my friends, for people to teach, for understanding. I pray for people we meet in the street or on buses, I pray for the other missionaries, the members, for the food we eat. I pray for, honestly, everything! Well, not everything, there is too much to be grateful for, but like seriously, there's no way to put a finger on what I pray for... it's always different. 

I don't feel like I am in a position or it's right to ask you to pray for specific things. The white handbook tells us to not ask people from home to join in special fasts or things like that, and to me, prayer is the same way. I feel bad asking those things of people, even family! You guys know what to pray for! I don't want to put words or thoughts in your prayers! The Apostles have told us, however, to pray for missionaries and people by name! So, I do appreciate you asking! We have an investigator right now named J____ who has accepted to be baptized next month! So, he would be great to keep in prayers! 

Missionary life has just been flying by. Honestly, I don't know where the time goes anymore? I feel like Elder Heninger and I just became companions. But no, I'm already half way done training him! Haha fetch! 

It's been so hot here lately! GALL! I love the heat, but the HUMIDITY here is the worst! I have really learned to appreciate Utah! I miss having all four seasons and I miss the mountains! But, it's all good! I wouldn't rather be anywhere else than here at the moment! 

It is weird now when I write in my journal, I can turn back the pages and see what I was doing at the same time last year...still as a missionary! It blows my mind how much I have learned and changed over the last year! I doesn't make great sense to me! But, it has been the most amazing experience in my life! I love the work!

I have been studying the New Testament hard this last transfer! And, holy...honestly, the church is so true! It just all correlates so perfectly! John the Beloved is honestly one of my biggest role models! He was such a stud. So unwavering and so humble. 

I love being out here and I'm grateful for all of the support and love I feel from everyone back home! I miss you all and I hope you have a great week!!

Love you!

Love, Elder Munson

"Driving lesson on Monday."

"They had an outdoor teli set up to watch the Tour de France!
Haha, it was cool!"

"SWEET wall of socks at some random store in Wimbledon."

"Went to walk around Wimbledon last p-day!"

"Gettin' sick with tennis for morning exercise! Haha, call me Nadal!"

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