Email - June 9, 2014 (20th Birthday!!!)

So, this week was freaking good....but, I just have to say THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR EVERYTHING! HOLY FREAKING HECK! The tie, the package, my g's, the groceries, the card with videos on it.. EVERYTHING WAS SOOOOO SICK! And soo nice! You are the best family ever! And, I have the best friends in the world! 

So Elder Heninger is the man! He is such a great missionary already! I am so stoked to be able to be with him for the next few months! He has a great desire to work and become better every day! He is making training way too easy on me! 

So, tomorrow I will be on exchange with our new zone leader, Elder Tikotina from Fiji! He is a really cool guy! I'm excited for him to be here! 

On Saturday, we went over to a recent convert/ less active member's home to teach his kids some simple Primary-like lessons to teach them Bible and Book of Mormon stories while they are young. He just happened to have a friend from Ghana staying at his house, so the member invited his friend to come sit in on the lesson, and as we went about the lesson, the children weren't the ones asking the questions, it was all this member's friend asking us things! By the end, we were just teaching him all the principles of the Restoration of the Church! It was amazing! Then, he basically said he wanted all this in his life and we said ok then you are getting baptized on July 5th, and he said ok...ahhahahh! And, then, he came to church yesterday and everything, and we are meeting with him again tonight and Thursday morning and Saturday as well! SUCH A MIRACLE! He is the man. His name is J____! I can't wait to keep teaching this guy and help him be ready for that date! 

I cannot believe I am 20. I don't like not being a teenager anymore! WHAT THE HECK?! But, I love where I am and what I am doing! I know I would not be here today if it were not for ALL of you! But especially you Mum and Dad! You guys are the best! 

Being a DL now is pretty time consuming and a lot of sending and reporting and looking out for the other missionaries in the district, but I LOVE IT. It just gives me more people to look after and to serve! 

The ward is getting really excited for a big open house we are going to have in just a couple weeks time, on June 28th! Hopefully, we will be able to get more to this one than the one that I was a part of down in Southampton!

I love the Gospel!! Everything is going well!! The weather is even nice! hahaha really humid but it's hot.  :)

I love you all! I will never be able to thank you enough for the great birthday I have been given out here in the field! 

Have a great week! 

Love, Elder Skyler Munson

"We found lizards doing service."

"Love him."

"Fellow MTC District members!"

"Selfie game."

"SISTER BOLINDER! Remember her? My mission mum."

"Haha, good to see him one last time."

"She left the district.  :("

"We made a boss dinner the other day with stuff that Elder Green had
bought and didn't use! (chicken and asparagus stir fry with mash and

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