Over the hump...

Email - June 30, 2014

Holy cow! Over the hump...time is just flying. It's so weird. 

Fishing sounds and looks fun! I can't wait to head out on Grandpa's boat next year! Sounds like that boat and Oreos are the charm to get bare fish!!! 

This week I got a package from Sam and Kenna! Ah, seriously it's just been a birthday month! haha I love and miss them so much! They are such good friends to me! 

Um, I'm not sure when I start driving. The APs actually just called me last Monday night and said that I need to get my full license asap...basically this transfer, so that makes me think I might not get to finish training Elder Heninger. I don't know who my companion will be, but the only areas with cars are the zone leaders in the mission, so I have a few guesses or ideas who my next companion could be, depending on what transfer I get moved. I probably won't have to drive right away when I get moved cause most of the zone leaders in the mission already have a license to drive here. I took my first driving lesson earlier this week on the road. It's a little tricky cause I'm learning to drive manual and it's all shifting with the left hand and it's just weird! But, it went well! I only stalled the car once. Other than that, it was easy to pick up on. I'm taking the Theory (computer) test tomorrow morning! I have been studying for it like CRAZY all this last week! So, hopefully I pass! 

On Wednesday, June 25th, for district meeting I threw the district a half Christmas party and centered the meeting all on the birth of Christ and the purpose of His life on earth! It went well. I had Elder Fowler (the senior couple Elder) give a presentation and he is such good teacher and knows so many cool things. I wish I could just have him teach EVERY district meeting! But, it went pretty well. I think the district had some fun.

Friday morning, O____ had his baptismal interview.. and ... HE PASSED! So, his baptism will be at 11 o'clock this Saturday! I can't wait! I'm so excited for him! Gall! A year in and FINALLY one of my investigators is getting baptized! It will be an amazing day! 

Saturday, our ward put on an open house! It was pretty good. A really hectic and crazy day, but good. It went better than the one in Southampton that is for sure! We had probably about 15 non-members come through during the day. The members of the ward definitely could have done better on inviting friends or whatever, but that is ok! It was successful, I feel.

The new set of BYU students arrived, and yesterday was their first Sunday! To my surprise, a girl from Pleasant Grove was in the group in our ward! hahaha So sick! It is Michael Perry's older sister. She is a grade above me, but I am older than her I'm pretty sure. I had met her and hung out with her a few times. Michael is a very good LAX player and he has been to our house a few times, I think. I ripped my jeans playing ping pong at his house my junior year. Do you remember that? Anyway, Michael and I are friends and it was funny to see his sister again! 

The work is just great! After O____'s baptism I'm not sure what we will focus on next! We have a few investigators that, hopefully, we will be able to set up dates with! 

I love this Gospel!!!!! It's been such an honor to be spreading it for the last year, and now I have another full year to do it! I CAN'T WAIT. 

I hope all of you are doing well! Thank you so much for all the love and support! 


Love, Elder Skyler Munson

"Half Christmas party!"

"This is O____.  He is the man!"

"Transporting goods to the chapel for the Open House."
[Don't understand the face! Ha ha!]

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