I would be a national phenom!

Email - July 21, 2014

HELLO! Ah, where did the last week go?! It is officially week 1 of my 10th transfer! HOLY! That is crazy!

Things are going great! Our investigator J____ is doing great! He is so solid and excited to get baptized on the 2nd of August, which is coming up fast! We still have a lot to teach him, but it shouldn't be too hard! He is really willing to learn and accepting of everything we have taught him so far!

Oh, and yes mum I did get my contacts! Thank you so much! I also got a package and like three letters from Ciera?! What the heck?! Over half way done and NOW she decides to write me! Haha, funny. But, I was happy and a little shocked!

To answer dad's question about if we knock a lot...nah, not really! Really, only in this zone though! We knocked quite a bit in Southampton! But, it is just really not effective here! No one is ever home. There are way more people on the streets, so we just walk up and down the streets talking to everyone that we see! But, in other areas out of this zone, I know that knocking is a good use of time!

Oh, and training is going well! It's definitely a different experience than anything else! It keeps me on my toes knowing that most situations are first time things for Elder Heninger! He is not like a new missionary at all! He seems experienced! I have to remember that he is still new! It's been a lot of fun!

Driving is going well! I am getting the hang of it that is for sure! The lessons are like £22. But, I really like my instructor. He is a way funny guy and it makes it less stressful when he is just super laid back and chill about the whole thing, but he knows how to help as well, so it's good. Some members of the ward referred him to me cause they used him in the past!

THIS LAST WEEK HAS BEEN SOOOOO FETCHING HOT! Honestly, it has been brutal. Hot and humid! But, almost every night there was a really big thunder storm! That was great! I love it! But, the sun has been nice. I have a really nice tan line from my collar though... haha.

Tomorrow I have DLC (District Leader Council) which last transfer lasted for ages! Haha, like 3 hours! But, it was really good. So, I'm looking forward to learning a lot tomorrow!

Lately, I don't know why, but there have been so many opportunities to play table tennis, and holy cow, I am getting sick out here! I hope Tanner is improving as well, or he is going to get ripped next summer! Honestly, if table tennis was a collegiate sport, I would like to pursue it! And represent the USA at the summer Olympics in table tennis! Hahaha, I would be a national phenom! Haha, it's really entertaining as a missionary to be able to play every once in a while!

I love and miss you all! I hope you guys have a great Pioneer Day!! (Yet another holiday that they don't celebrate here!) I hope you have a great week!

Love, Elder Munson

"We had a sports and games night on Tuesday! This is Jordane!
Haha, he is hilarious. 15 year old kid."

"The sky was amazing the other evening!"

"A lady got on the bus the other day wearing this on her head...haha. so sick!"

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