Email - July 7, 2014

This week was good! Honestly, it was pretty crazy just doing everything we could to make sure that Osei's baptism was going to happen! And, it did, so it ended great! Elder Heninger baptized him and I was able to do the confirmation yesterday, which was great! FINALLY! My first investigator to be baptized! Daniel Sintim gave a talk at the baptism and it was SO good. He is the man! I'm so happy that he has returned back to activity in the church! 

On Tuesday, I had my theory was EASY. I was so stressed about not passing it. But, it really wasn't bad at all. So, I just have to pass the actual driving test and I'll have my full British license! I'm just waiting to book the test after I find out what is going on with moves this week. I also have a few more driving lessons this Wednesday so that will be helpful.

Tell Mitzi and Katri that I say hi! That is cool that they were able to make it up and that Katri gets to go to girls camp as well! That will be fun! 

4th of July was great! Right at the start of companion study at 9 in the morning, I called the district and made a conference call and we sang the American hymns together as a district...well, only the Americans in the district! Haha, it was funny. Then, Sister Welch was nice enough to have us over and got us sparklers and such! It was fun! 

We also made friends with someone named M____. He is a really cool guy and we are meeting with him now EVERY Tuesday. He wants us to share the lessons with him in a discussion-like way, and he shares his beliefs as we go through ours. So, it's been pretty cool to learn about another religion and be able to talk to someone else who takes their religion seriously, so he is open and understanding of the views that are different in our church than in other churches! 

I can't believe we are now entering into the last week of the transfer! WHAT THE HECK?! Honestly, where have the last 4 1/2 weeks gone? In about 5 days I should know what is going on with moves so that will be nice to just know what is happening! 

The work is going great though! We have a couple new investigators that have friends in the church and we are meeting with a guy named J____, who came to church yesterday. On Thursday, we should be setting a baptismal date with him! He is an awesome guy, and even better that he is Ghanaian! So, he will fit right in with the ward! 

I've been learning away on the guitar though! I can play Gravity and Waitin' on the World to Change already from the book! Hopefully, I will be able to learn more soon! That strum and sing version makes it really easy to play these songs! I was looking in the back of the book and the company that makes it says that there is a Jack Johnson "strum and sing" version. Haha! So, if that could be tracked down, possibly, I would be a happy camper! 

I'm so grateful for the chance that I have had to serve in Mitcham and all the things I have learned since I have been here! But honestly, this is the first time I have felt on my mission like it is time to go, and I don't know if it's my own desire or just how I feel, but really I just think that it is time for me to move from this area. Elder Heninger is a good enough missionary that the area could be left with him to lead it even if he isn't all the way done training. I guess we will just see what happens this weekend! 

The Gospel is so true! Jesus Christ is the best! And, I know for a fact that He is our Savior and Redeemer! I love him so much! The things he did and the life he lived is second to none! I can't wait to meet Him one day.

I miss all of you! I hope that you have a great week! THANKS FOR EVERYTHING Love you loads!

Love, Elder Munson

"Zone p-day last week! We did a photo scavenger hunt and this is one of the pics we had to get as a group won!"

 "Sister Xayalath taught us to make origami hearts!"

"Sister West and I dominated Elder Heninger and Elder Fowler in doubles! Haha! (Elder Fowler is FREAKING good at ping pong.)

"The 4th!!"

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