Get up, work hard, go to sleep!

Email - June 23, 2014

Ah, yes, Wimbledon starts today! It's not in our area but the area next to us. We wanted to go to the matches today SOOO badly. But, tickets are like £50! haha freak! 

Things here are going really well! O____ [formerly J____ - don't know why, probably spelling error originally!] is progressing really well and is looking forward to his baptism on the 5th! He is honestly such a miracle for this area and the ward.

On Thursday night, the AP's called me and said they needed a flat to stay in that night because they had a part in our zone training on Friday. So, they came and stayed the night in our flat on Thursday night! It was a lot of fun. We were a part of their presentation as well during zone training. Elder Heninger and I gave a presentation of our own during the meeting as well. We gave it on "Teaching with the Book of Mormon." We both felt like it went really well! It was a good zone training and I learned a lot!

Sister West started training a new sister missionary in our district this week! Sister Xayalath! She is so nice and so bubbly. BUT speaks little VERY little English. So Sister West has her plate full. But, her English is getting better every time I see her. She is the first missionary EVER to come to England from her country. She is from Laos which is near Thailand. I'm really excited to have her in the district! 

England straight choked at the World Cup this year I heard! haha And, all the Ghanaian people give me a hard time cause USA beat them! hahahah  :) 

Elder Heninger is my favorite companion so far that is for sure! It's been so fun serving with him! We started doing proper exercise this week!  We get up a half hour earlier and run a little over a mile to the chapel, play a game or two of horse, and then run back to our flat! hahah It's tiring, but it's good for us! 

I honestly just feel like there is not enough time in the day to do everything that is needed to get done! It sure makes the days and weeks go by fast, but there is soo much to do! Planning district meetings, planning exchanges, planning Elders Quorum lessons, Elders Quorum activities, going through the training program, ah the list goes on and on! I'm not complaining ONE bit! I love it! It's just really making time fly! I don't even remember most of what happened this last week! Honestly. We just get up, work hard, go to sleep. That is how it's been and that is the way it should be done I'm convinced! 

Last night Elder Heninger and I just looked at each other and we both looked like Zombies and we just busted up laughing and said that we should look this bad at the end of every week! It was hilarious. We seriously just want to work so hard that on Sunday night we just look like we're about to die...which is exactly how we felt yesterday. I have never fallen asleep on the bus before until this last week! haha It's been brutal. Of course, when I get on the bus, if there is someone on it, I talk to them and try to convert them. But, sometimes, in the middle of the day there aren't many people on the buses. So, if the one or two people I try to talk to deny me, then we have nothing to do but to sit there and wait for our stop. We both totally just passed out. I woke up before we got to our stop, but holy cow, I had never been more tired in my life! haha Definitely have to try not to let that happen again, but it was funny.

I really hope that all is going well back home! Things are going great here. I just can't believe it has been a year already! I think today for p-day we are going to go to a pitch 'n' putt golf course and work on our short range game! haha Should be a good time! 

I love you all! Thanks for the love and support! 

Love, Elder Skyler Munson

"Family picture. (I'm Elder Heninger's dad. Sister West is the senior sister in the district so that makes her Elder Heninger's mum and my 1st wife. Sister Xayalath is sister West's daughter. And I'm Sister Xayalath's first district leader, so that makes me her father.) I know it all sounds weird, but that's just mission slang, INIT!"

"The APs"

"Picture from zone training."

"Got my provisional! Gonna start driving lessons on Wednesday with an instructor!" 

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