Everything short of Mo-Tab

Email - November 4, 2013


Stake Conference was great and this choir was... everything short of Mo-Tab, but it was fun!

I have been learning many good things during personal study. I think overall what I have been learning most from personal study is how important it is to have personal study! I love reading personally and studying what ever the Spirit guides me to study. Having that personal time to learn from the scriptures is the best. Basically, it's my favorite daily thing as a missionary.

As far as my testimony... good heck... I doubt if I even had a testimony before my mission from how strong it is now. I think back to my farewell talk all the time and I  am so embarrassed. I have a much better understanding of the Gospel and an actual knowledge of the teachings and the purposes that come with it. I did not know my scriptures before my mission. I did not pray nearly enough before my mission. I was trying to talk and testify of things that I didn't know enough about. I absolutely can rely on my testimony now. Before I couldn't. I love the feeling of knowing with ALL surety that this Church is true!!

Earlier this week, Elder Bognár and me..(minus me) taught a lesson over Skype to a Hungarian elsewhere in the mission. I just sat there on camera silent for an hour haha it was hilarious. I'm sure he did a great job though.

Halloween isn't very big here, but on that day we were street contacting in the evening and a kid, maybe 12 years old, dressed in a spider man costume came up to me and started pushing me around and hitting me and demanding candy from me ... haha it was so funny! He thought he was a proper thug or something! He grabbed my badge and ripped it off of my sweater and took off!!! haha Obviously, I hunted him down and got it back but it was so funny!! hahahaha I was like MAN I'M SORRY I HAVE NO CANDY ALRIGHT! haha Oh chav kids...

Oh, and to answer dad's question about day lights saving... yes they do have it here.. but it was last week! haha

Anyway, London is crazy/fun/hard work/amazing.

I love it so much.

I miss all of you though! and I love you loads! Thanks for everything!

Love, Elder Munson

"Mine and Brother Basoah's pumpkin."

"Haha, brought back MTC mems for me and Elder Bodhaine!"

"Alison and Sydney. They both went to Lone Peak. Sorta kinda knew them
before! But, they are here studying abroad! Haha, so cool."

{To Grandma and Grandpa} 
"THANK YOU GUYS! The Halloween package was amazing! and the mangos and everything! Thank you so much! The other elders say thank you as well for the candy! Best grandparents ever! and they agreed! Thank you for all that you guys do! I love you guys and love reading the letters you guys send. Sorry london is such a busy time and its hard to write back, but I'll try to do better! I hope all is well!

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