I'd rather be nowhere else!

Email - November 18, 2013

Hello! So ... Elder Fairbourn's new companion is Elder Ocando from Spain. He's super quiet, but really nice! So that's good.

This week was interesting! I'm trying to think what has happened since Thursday! I taught the Gospel Principles lesson yesterday! It was good. I'll just answer the questions now... hahaha.

No one new progressing, but R____ is doing well. We are seeing him tonight :) so I'm excited for that!

The ward here is a LOT smaller. But it's nice. The people are great and the leadership is really interesting. Elder Bradford, a senior missionary is in the Bishopric and the Bishop has only been to church twice since I've been here. He's a really great guy, he's just super busy with his job so, it kinda stinks. But, at least it's a WARD right?

From all the meetings there has been so much that I have learned. There's no way that one thing stands out above others. But I guess just to pick out of the many, one thing is that the General Authorities have stated that IF the church is going to grow in Europe, it is going to have to start with the London Missions. The England London South Mission has the MOST missionaries out of all the European missions. So, that was amazing to hear that THIS is where the hastening has to start for a lot of the world to be able to progress as well!

I have enjoyed listening to Jack Johnson.. and Mo Tab....and lots of music that I don't really know. Piano Guys? haha The rule from President Millar is anything that you can feel calm and have the Spirit at the same time. So, every missionary kinda has their own personal preferences. But, as for our flat, Jack Johnson and Mo Tab and random Christmas songs are what are played most! And, a special request would be the sound track for Friday Night Lights by the band Explosions in the Sky. It's all instrumental and nice music. :) And, nice Christmas music is always good. :)

I like fish and chips and Indian curry. I actually can cook a few really nice curries. :) But, from home mostly I just miss the restaurants.  [Note to self:  Guess I'm not as good a cook as I thought...no need to worry about home cooked meals when he gets home!]

As for who I hear from often... besides Mum and Dad... NO ONE is better at writing me than Brittany Conner! She is incredible! So I hear from her quite often.. and Bailee Cook! and obviously Sawyer and I write each other letters often! Jake McFarland and Riley Ottesen write me actual letters, too! Sam writes me quite a bit as well! Ciera, MeKenna, MeKenzey write every once in a while but they email me most weeks! As for the boys... haha we have a big group email going with all 13 of us and everyone pitches in a funny experience from every week and it is HILARIOUS!! Just knowing all of the Boys, we are going to have the funniest things to talk about when we're all home. haha Love them!

Things are going really well though! Even though the work is tiring and hard here, it is the best! I'd rather be nowhere else! Elder Bognár and I are really becoming good friends. He is awesome. We have a lot of fun! So I'm happy about that!

I miss you guys! and I hope all is well! Thank you for everything!

Christmas is just around the corner! FREAKING CRAZY!

Love, Elder Munson

"This dog is crazy! It is Isabel's (member of the ward) dog.. his name is Bolt."

"The Wandsworth Zone.. a week and a half ago. I don't have a suit jacket on
cause it was tied around my waist due to my ripped trousers. Hahaha!"

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