I always go hard in ping pong!

Unexpected email - November 6, 2013

So, this morning was a zone district meeting in Wandsworth as we have every Wednesday... this was obviously the last one for this transfer. But, we had a big zone breakfast before the meeting started and during the breakfast obviously elders are going to be playing ping pong and obviously I always go hard in ping pong... and basically I ripped my pants... really bad. Like all the way from the top of my butt down my left thigh. Luckily, no sisters saw! We were like playing up on the stage and all the elders were watching and right as I ripped them all the elders busted up laughing and closed the curtains of the stage real quick. haha It was so embarrassing.. well, ok not really.. it was really funny. But, so I was wondering if I could maybe get that present from grandma and grandpa a little early. To district meetings and to church we have to wear suits and now I don't have a suit to wear. (I gained too much weight and grew out of the pants from other suit I brought, so it got left in Southampton.) Gall, I feel so dumb. But, clothing isn't terribly expensive here. I can get a decent suit for like 60 pounds. So sorry about this! I got special permission from the zone leaders to email you today so I can get a suit asap. haha I'm such an idiot! I'll send you pictures on Monday! I love you guys!! Sorry for the inconvenience.  
Love, Elder Munson

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