That Smile :)

"Ella. Cutest little girl in the world. I love her. She is 8 and she interprets Sacrament Meeting in British Sign Language for deaf people in the ward! It's the cutest thing in the world. She has more scriptures memorized than me probably!"

"Spencer Romney's cousin.  He's one of the AP's."

[I always go hard in ping pong!]

"Look at this cool sign I passed by near our flat!"

"Empty bus"

"Isabel is a recent convert in the ward! She is really cool!"

"Saw Elder Mecham at a member's house on Monday night. :) He's the man."

"Last picture with Elder Blumenthal this morning."

"Crazy guy stickin his tongue in my ear at Big Ben. Funniest moment on my
mission.. up until I ripped my pants!! He was walking on the road and he passed all the missionaries and no one said hi to him! So, Elder Bodhaine and I ran over and gave him a bro high five and he sat there and hugged me for like 5 minutes until I asked him to take a picture with us."

"London SWAG"

"London Eye"

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