One Month!

Peyton posted an Instagram picture on July 26th.  Her comment was, "One month down, twenty-three more to go.  But, who's counting anyway?"  Honestly, his first month has flown by.  I hope it has for him, too.  I think the fact that he didn't even mention it in his email today is a good indicator.  He sounds great!

July 29, 2013

This last week flew by because it was quite busy! On Wednesday, I went on an exchange to the Hamble River area and worked with Elder Lane from Vegas. It was such a good day. I have gotten the British greeting down pretty well. When you pass someone here, instead of saying 'whats up' or whatever you say 'you alright' or 'you alright mate'. So I've got that down. So I greeted an older lady and her daughter on the street in Hamble River and they ACTUALLY said hi back.. that's crazy in itself. But, then for some reason, I felt I should stop. So I asked how their day was and such, and the older lady looked at me and asked if I was from Utah... I was like.. 'uh yeah!' and she said that she was raised in Wisconsin and was familiar with Mormons and just assumed that is where I was from! And, so that got us talking on a whole new topic and she said that she was a Spiritualist.. and her daughter that was standing right there said that she was just open to any religions... and I'm sure they could notice my eyes widen up and get brighter cause I'm thinking ahhh, the PERFECT investigators. So, getting a little ahead of myself, I just blasted the Gospel right in their faces and they were so receptive and the mom had many questions in which Elder Lane and I answered and the daughter was expressing that she had never drank or smoked or even really dated cause her mom wouldn't let her date British guys cause they aren't as nice as American guys. (They are planning on moving back to America soon.) So, I told them they should move to Utah ;) cause it's beautiful and all the people are so nice and such. But, long story short, we said a prayer with them and gave them a card to give us a call if they had any questions. L___  just had to check with her husband before she invited us to come over. So we went our separate ways. Elder Lane and I were like freaking out. We were like...'what did we even say!? ah the Spirit said everything there' and so on. And, then we figured we shouldn't get too excited cause no one ever calls back. Less than ten minutes later...THEY CALLED! and they wanted us to go meet with them next Sunday in their home. Only problem is...I'm not located in Hamble River and I did most the talking and getting to know them and such and they said and expressed that they didn't want other people they hadn't met coming to their home. So, we're trying to work something out with the district leader to let me go to Hamble River once a week to work with Elder Lane and L___ and I___. They are so prepared to hear and accept this message! They already teach and live the standards in their home. I'm so excited for them whether I get to teach them or not!!
Anyway, other than that, we had zone conference in Staines on Thursday which was a two hour train ride! That went really well.
The members of the ward are awesome. Especially a man named Ricky Watts, or Brother Watts I mean. He is the ward mission leader and he is incredible!
Speaking of incredible! MOM!! Holy thanks for the electric razor! You're a lifesaver. And, thanks for the pictures from DC and the letters and everything! You're amazing. I love you!
Mom, Dad, Tanner, Peyton! I love all of you! I love hearing about what's going on with all of you! So, thanks for the letters and emails and such! I love you all!! Have a great week!

"View from the flat in Hamble River."

"An investigator we did service for had a Pikachu stuffed animal!!!  :)"

"We went to Hythe again. :)"

 "We went to a member's house for dinner yesterday...THEY HAD GERBILS!"

"An incredible house I saw in the Chandlers Ford area the other day."

"Eggs on toast.  90% of my diet."

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