First P Day Email from Southampton

Elder Munson hit the ground running last week in Southampton.  His email was upbeat and quirky -- just like the Skyler we know and love!  He sounds truly happy and his growth and maturity is apparent already.  He has had wonderful teaching opportunities and absolutely loves Southampton!  They walk a lot and take double decker "coaches" and he thinks it's all pretty awesome.  He said they sometimes go to Hythe, a little town across the channel, and they have to take a ferry which he thinks is very cool.

A few excerpts from his email today...

Today is my first official P day! P days are on Mondays in this area! The weather has been super hot! And, I sweat a lot! hahahahahaahaha. I love the Chinese elders. Especially Elder Yu. He and I talk and laugh a lot. Elder Buglass is a good trainer. He knows his stuff and he is good at studying. 

I am really learning how to let the Spirit guide me in discussions and while talking to and teaching members and investigators. 

My ward is great! The people are nice. We've been fed for dinner almost every night since I've been here. There's a family here with the surname Watts, and they are my favorite family for sure. Brother Watts is the ward mission leader, so we work with him a lot. He and his wife are young and have one little son. They are the best. 

I love you guys! I hope all is well! I'm praying for you all! And, Elder Yu says, "Hello, Munson family. I love you.

Love, Elder Munson

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